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When planning a trip to Hawaii, some of the first questions relate to how to get to the islands and then how to get around once you’re there. Chance are, we’ve written an article to help you understand every step of the way to get there and move around with ease.

In this article, we organize the Hawaii transportation decision/planning points with links to our articles which will provide in-depth details.

How’s the best and cheapest way to get to Hawaii?

One of the first questions we’re often asked about going to Hawaii is how long does it take to fly to Hawaii. Flying times vary based on distance and number of connections.

After you’ve chosen which island(s) you plan to visit, you’ll need to make sure you fly into the best Hawaiian airport. In that article, we list all the major airports along with their airport codes.

How do you know if you’re getting a good deal on flights to Hawaii? Check out our strategies for choosing the best/lowest airfare to Hawaii but note that the cheapest flights to Hawaii are not always the best choice as we show you that there are other important factors to consider.

A comfortable flight can make a big difference to your energy levels when you first get to Hawaii. These three articles will help you prepare to be as comfortable as possible.

How do you get around in Hawaii?

The main way to get from island to island is by flying. Hawaii’s inter-island flight times are short and generally punctual. There’s currently only one, small ferry system that operates between Maui and Lanai. See our inter-island hopping guide for a list of all the inter-island airlines and ferries.

Each of the four major Hawaiian islands haveย public transportation. While Oahu’s bus system is the best of the bunch, the bus routes on the other islands are not as conducive to island sightseeing.

Seeing Hawaii by car offers you the most freedom. Read our Hawaii rental car article to help you decide if you should rent one for your vacation. If you decide to rent a car, see our money saving tips.

Finding attractions in Hawaii is easily done with the assistance of GPS navigation gadgets or smartphone apps. Another incredibly useful navigation and planning tool is for Hawaii vacations isย Google Maps.

Finally, you might find that some driving etiquette is different in Hawaii. Make sure you know how to drive with aloha.

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