Hawaii vacation deals & news: September 5, 2018

– We’re happy to report that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park plans to reopen! After experiencing hundreds of earthquakes and other risks, the area around Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has settled for the moment. Officials announced a goal of reopening some of the closed areas by September 22. You can follow the recovery efforts at this link. From this collection of photos, you can get an idea of the damages/changes to the park.

– Other than some localized flooding, Hurricane Lane did not pack as much of a punch as feared. All Hawaii airports and resorts are without damage and open.

– TravisMathew and Turtle Bay Resort are partnering to giveaway a five-night stay for two at Turtle Bay Resort, a $1,000 TravisMathew gift card and entry into the Turtle Bay Open golf tournament. This giveaway is open to legal US residents only. See this link for entry and the rules.

– Airfare to Hawaii is quite reasonable. We’ve recently seen fares as low as $299 roundtrip from the West Coast. So, if you’ve been thinking about a fall getaway to Hawaii, now is a good time to check flights. (See our strategies for finding the lowest airfares to Hawaii.)

– Mokulele Airlines is now offering scenic flight tours from Maui to Molokai and to see lava activity on Hawaii (Big) Island. See this link for more information.

Hawaii News Now has a reminder that Hawaii visitors shouldn’t take sand, coral or rocks home with them. It’s illegal and many people taking sand or rocks end up regretting it. Some even attribute bad luck to the stolen rocks and sand.

  1. Hi Sheila – thanks so much for taking the time to create and research such an incredible website – we have referenced your govisithawaii.com so many times for our first trip to Hawaii and really appreciate all your hard work.
    My husband and I are planning our 16 day trip to Hawaii at the end of September (9/28/2018)and plan on staying the first week in Maui (which is already booked)- the second on the Big Island. I have not booked yet the flight or the hotel yet to the Island but wanted to know should I avoid the Big Island because of the volcano – as of today it was still erupting and am not sure whether it would impact our stay – evacuations, air pollution, etc. Should I stay at one of the other islands ? Any help would be appreciated. All the best, Corinne

    1. Kilauea Volcano has been actively erupting since 1983. In recent months, the volcano activity has recently gotten a lot of media coverage partially because it erupted in a residential area. That activity has subsided substantially.

      Read through this article from June, which was written back when the lava activity was drawing so much attention. https://www.govisithawaii.com/2018/06/07/hawaii-volcano-erupting-activity-updates/ Even though that lava activity has lessened significantly, it will still give some perspective about how small the eruption/dangerous area is in comparison the the rest of the island.

      We are personally planning a trip to the Big Island in October.

      1. Thanks so much Sheila for your prompt reply – so much appreciated – will now go to the Big Island but will stay on the Kona side with day trips to the Volcano side. You are the best !!

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