Take me there Tuesday: Waipio Valley, Hawaii (Big) Island

Waipio Valley

On Hawaii’s Hamakua Coast, Waipio Valley is sure to make you marvel. We always wonder how such a flat and verdantly green valley floor was created between the steep cliffs.

The overlook for Waipio Valley is easy to find and access and a must-see on a Hawaii Island vacation. Access to the valley floor is a tad bit trickier as rental car agencies don’t allow their vehicles on the extremely steep road. You can get to the valley by walking, taking a tour or getting shuttle service. We describe the options in this Waipio Valley post.

A 1300-foot waterfall into Waipio Valley. We captured this shot on a Waipio horseback riding tour.

We include a stop at Waipio Valley as part of our popular and adventurous day trip plan to Hilo side from Kona side. For more suggestions for what to do and see on Hawaii Island, see our one-week itinerary for the Big Island.

  1. I am visiting Maui in mid-November 2018. I’ve only been to Oahu, Maui, Big Island during July-August-Sept. The landlord of the condo I’m renting says we will be able to see whales. Is this true? I thought whale watching season was January to March?

  2. I’m very excited my best friend of 45 years and I are going to Hawaii in November for the first time. Is it okay to visit after the lava explosion and now a hurricane? I know it’s early to tell but we’re kind of concerned should we be?

    1. Well, maybe one of the best ways to answer you question is to tell you that we’ve personally booked a trip to the Big Island in October. The volcano activity is confined to a small section on the Big Island as we describe here: https://www.govisithawaii.com/2018/06/07/hawaii-volcano-erupting-activity-updates/ As everything stands now, we don’t have any concerns regarding the safety of visiting Hawaii.

      It appears that the hurricane is going to skirt south of Hawaii. As you said, it is early to tell, but we pray that the hurricane will not affect Hawaii.

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