Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Celebrates 100 years

NPS Photo/David Boyle
Halemaumau NPS Photo/David Boyle

The ever fascinating Hawaii Volcanoes National Park celebrates their 100th anniversary throughout 2016. To commemorate such a milestone, the park is offering special programs, hikes and more. Learn about the special events at their website.

NPS Photo/Jancie Wei
NPS Photo/Jancie Wei

The state of Hawaii is home to many great national parks, but Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is perhaps the most fascinating. The varied landscapes — from active volcanic craters to seemingly endless fields of lava rock to lush rainforest to rugged coastline — Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has all that and more.

Some of our favorite things to see and do in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are:

Apapane NPS Photo/David Boyle
NPS Photo/David Boyle

Have you been to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park? What are your favorite things to see an do there?

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  1. Great info! I love that the park has several free days throughout the year too.

    April 16-24 – National Park Week (nine fee-free days)
    August 1 – Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park 100th birthday
    August 25-28 – National Park Service Birthday Weekend (four fee-free days)
    September 24 – National Public Lands Day
    November 11 – Veterans Day

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