Oahu helicopter tours, pricing & reviews

We wrap up our Hawaii helicopter series with Oahu. Tours of the island can begin from Honolulu airport, Ko Olina and Turtle Bay.

We list the starting prices for tours, but each company offers more options than just their base tour. So, be sure and check out each tour company’s website for more options and details.

Paradise Helicopters
Website: Paradise Helicopters
TripAdvisor reviews: link to reviews of Ko Olina tours and link to reviews from Turtle Bay
Current pricing: starts at $285 for 40-minute tour.
Notables: Paradise offers tours departing from Turtle Bay KKahuku) and from Ko Olina area (Kapolei). Paradise offers an option for “doors-off” tours that offer better viewing and photography.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Website: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
TripAdvisor reviews: link
Current pricing: starts at $334 for 50-minute tour.

Mauna Loa Helicopters
Website: Mauna Loa Helicopters
TripAdvisor reviews: link
Current pricing: starts at $195 for a 20 to 25-minute tour. See these links for real-time cost, availability and booking: Oahu South Shore Experience (shortest and least expensive option with great views of Waikiki), Magnum PI Experience (50-minute tour of Oahu), Doors-off Photo Flight tour of Oahu, and the big splurge Private Tour of Oahu.
Notables: Mauna Loa offers open seating and private tours. Doors can be taken off for better viewing and photography.

Magnum Helicopters
Website: Magnum Helicopters
TripAdvisor reviews: link
Current pricing: starts at $325 for 50-minute tour.
Notables: This is a doors-off tour in the same type of helicopter used in the television show Magnum PI. We have taken this tour and it was excellent! Read our review of Magnum Helicopters 50-minute Oahu Tour. Magnum Helicopters has added a new tour called the Navy SEAL Experience where you can jump out of a helicopter into the ocean along with a Navy SEAL instructor/guide.


  • All pricing was accurate as of August 2022. The starting costs that we’ve listed should provide a general comparison of pricing between companies. Pricing is always subject to change, so check directly with the providers for their current pricing.
  • For more tips, see our advice on choosing a Hawaii helicopter tour.

Have you taken a helicopter tour of Oahu? Which tour company did you use? Did you enjoy the experience?

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  1. Theresa Gildart says:

    We took a tour with Blue Hawaiian in May. For me, it was the highlight of our trip! Our pilot was Kristie, and she was funny and informative. I highly recommend them!

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