Cyber Monday deals for Hawaii travel

Happy Cyber Monday! Don’t know what to get your friends and family for Christmas? A trip to Hawaii always fits. 🙂 We’ve surfed the web to find some nice cyber Monday Hawaii travel deals that can help make a Hawaii vacation more affordable.

– Check airfare on your favorite airline. Some sale fares that have caught our eye are on Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines with roundtrip flights to Hawaii starting at $337 and $338 respectively.

– Rates at popular Hilton resorts on Oahu (Waikiki) and the Big Island are on a 30% off sale.

– Rates at Outrigger resorts are on a special one-day sale. The rates at Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort ($169) and at the soon-to-be renovated Waikiki Beachcomber ($159 including daily breakfast) are particularly enticing. Outrigger has hotels and/or condos on all the major islands.

– Entertainment coupon books are on sale for $19 with free shipping for all destination books — including the Hawaii version. We think they’re good value for Oahu, but not so much if you are going to other islands. See our discussion about these coupon books here. If you would like to use these books for a 2018 trip, say from about February or March onwards, you may want to hold off buying your books as they typically have some better sales .

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