Hawaii vacation news & deals: March 29, 2017

– CheapAir.com, a flight search engine, is offering $10 off flights booked to Honolulu with promo code 10HNL. That promo code is valid through April 2, 2017. You might recall that CheapAir is one of the resources we recommend for finding the lowest airfare to Hawaii.

– Hilton Hawaii is offering a sweepstakes to win a five-night stay plus air for two on Hawaiian Airlines. See the rules and enter here. Note that it’s open to legal residents of the United States.

Prince Waikiki, the former Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki, has completed a $55.4 million transformation.

Kauai Beach Resort has recently completed a renovation.

Iao Valley State Monument in Maui remains closed after a major flood damaged the area in September. Officials hope to reopen the park in June of this year.

  1. My daughter lives in Lihue Hawaii and I am dying to go to Hawaii myself for the first time in my life. She will be leaving after her 1 year anniversary at that duty station, that will be in late April 2018. I’m on a VA disability benefits income of once monthly. My questions are as follows: 1) best hotel accommodations for a decent price; 2) Should I go in February or April 2018?; 3) What are the best activities for someone with walking around disabilities 4) recommendations for good food venues, luau & sightseeing tours all at reasonable prices 5) I’m was able to obtain the information about how much money I will need for a 7 day stay, with sightseeing tours, & round trip airfare cost from your article.

    I’ve guesstimated I would need to have at least $6000 for this trip. That’s a lot of money, however this is an item on my bucket list and I would like to be able to visit my daughter as my mother did with me serving in the Army. Please help! I’m a 100% disabled veteran African American female from New Orleans La

    1. Thank you for your service.

      Those are a lot of questions that would take a long time to answer. You might want to consider getting a travel agent. It doesn’t cost you anything extra.

      We are unable to help people with individual trip planning, but these articles may be of some help:
      tips for choosing a good hotel: https://www.govisithawaii.com/2017/05/03/how-to-choose-a-hawaii-hotel-condo-or-villa/
      a one-week Kauai itinerary that you can adapt to your abilities and interests: https://www.govisithawaii.com/2017/06/01/one-week-kauai-vacation-itinerary-travel-planner/ A lot of the sightseeing does not require much walking.
      analysis of the best months to go to Hawaii: https://www.govisithawaii.com/2007/10/15/the-best-times-to-visit-hawaii/
      articles on saving money on food, activities, car, accommodation, etc. https://www.govisithawaii.com/2011/01/25/top-tips-for-saving-money-on-your-hawaii-vacation/

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