All-inclusive resorts in Hawaii


We’ve recently had an uptick in people asking for recommendations for all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii. “Can you recommend an all-inclusive hotel on <insert Hawaiian island>?” — is the typical question. The answer is that Hawaii doesn’t have true all-inclusive, beach-y resorts like many resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico.

As of this 2022 update, there is only one all-inclusive, which is the luxury wellness resort, Four Seasons Lanai at Koele, A Sensei Retreat. This resorts is lovely and fairly remote, but it’s not the typical beach-y resort that most people picture in their mind for a Hawaii vacation.

Occasionally, we come across limited-time offers for an all-inclusive-ish experience at a Hawaii hotel — like the one at Hilton Waikoloa Village we recently shared. Those offers are unusual — generally offered once per year. We tell our subscribers when we find those offers. Subscribe to our free newsfeed so that you will be in the know.

It’s rare, but sometimes a travel agency can work with a hotel to create an all-inclusive-ish vacation to include room and food and maybe more.

Please don’t be put off by the fact that Hawaii doesn’t have all-inclusive hotels. It’s not a problem. Here’s why:

  • There are places in Mexico and the Caribbean where guests enjoy the safety and confines of an all-inclusive resort. In Hawaii, it’s generally very safe to roam around and explore the islands.
  • There are numerous restaurants to choose from on all the Hawaiian islands. Discovering the local cuisine is something that most visitors really enjoy about their visit to Hawaii. The quality of restaurant food is quite high as the state of Hawaii inspects restaurants for cleanliness and food safety.
  • There are so many great activities to enjoy around the Hawaiian Islands. It would be a shame to confine yourself to the amenities of just one hotel in Hawaii.

As we stated in our 2012 article about all-inclusives in Hawaii, “Hawaii doesn’t have many all-inclusives because they’re really not needed. Hawaii is a very safe destination, which makes it easy and so much fun to get out of your resort and onto an adventure.” That still rings very true.

  1. Good points Sheila! So much to explore and excellent eateries that should not be missed!

  2. Any specials in october 2019 trying to plan a late honeymoon, 8 year anniversary trip. Don’t want to be trapped into a cattle drive tour. Husband wants to see pearl harbor memorials. I just want luau,maybe sea life and/zoo..zipline trip would be cool no ocean trips scuba,snorkel,ect husband’s deathly afraid of sharks. Most meals included .hotel must have fun nice pool due to his fear. Any veteran discounts. Can you help?

    1. As we state in the article, there’s not really much in the way of inclusive resorts in Hawaii. It’s rare to find most meals included.

      There are many hotels with fun pools in Hawaii. Kind of sounds like you’ve selected Oahu? See our where to stay on Oahu guide for our insights:

      You might want to check with a travel agent for assistance.

  3. Where is the most reasonable place to visit in Hawaii? Is there a popular area that restaurants and shopping in walking distance?.

  4. Looking for an all inclusive resort for a family vacation. We’d need 4 rooms or beach houses or bungelows. Help!!

    1. We’ve already listed all the information known about all inclusives in Hawaii in the article.

  5. Hi Sheila,

    We’re honeymooning in Hawaii this November. First time heading to Hawaii. We have made past travel mistakes of choosing Hotels that have little to no people and plain deserted. Are there any resorts that is absolutely bustling and lively and filled with people?

    1. If you’re looking for a bustling atmosphere, consider Waikiki as it’s the liveliest resort area of Waikiki. There are plenty of busy hotels there.

  6. I understand your point of not limiting yourself and the resort being safe.
    Though, this is not the reason I search and look for all inclusive resorts. I search for them because I have three boys/men that are thirsty and hungry all day and it is nice for them to be able to go grab food and drinks at any given time with out having to ask for money. As we know this can add up and be quite costly. When it is included it is nice to let them have add it all day long with out me worrying how much it is costing me.
    Also, it is great for us adults to be able to go up to the bar as many times as we want and not have to worry about that cost too.

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