Aloha Friday Photo: “Underwater Bubbles”


Mahalo to Cameron Brooks for sharing this amazing shot of bubbling water for Aloha Friday Photos. Cameron took this photo near the popular beach and snorkeling spot at Hanauma Bay on Oahu. What a marvelous scene!

Happy Aloha Friday!

  1. Hi guys ,Hawaii is one of those places you dream about at a young age ,and one that stays with you all your life .For us ,that is Barbara and me have for years longed to travel coast to coast across America ,which we fulfilled in 2014 ,hoping to finish of with a cruise from San Francisco ,but our 30 day insurance was only due finish at San F.Our daughter and two children have just landed in Hawaii for a week ,this is there first time visit .We can’t wait for all the news when they arrive home .As for us 2014 was our first time across the pond ,and many thanks goes to Barbara for booking all the trains ,Hotel and car hire ,it was the must wonderful experience of our lives ,and thinking of something similar ,and include Hawaii this time .Can you recommend where to stay ,ie Cruise or can you Island hope .thanks .Keith Glennon.

    1. Hi Keith – I think a lot of your questions can be answered in our first time visitor guide with step by step planning advice:

      Without you knowing which islands you want to visit, it’s impossible to recommend where to stay. A cruise is a good way to see all four of the major islands, but you really only get a glimpse of each island. You can do island hopping — primarily by interisland flights.

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