Aloha Friday Photo: Little Birdie Edition


Today’s Aloha Friday Photo comes to us from Cliff Jensen who has a fantastic photo collection of birds of Hawaii. Cliff tells me that photo is of a Japanese White-eye. Here’s what else Cliff shared about this gorgeous bird,

The tiny (4.5 inch) Japanese White-eye is native to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Burma and North Vietnam.  Because of its small size it is easy to miss.  It was originally released in Oahu in 1927 by the Hui Manu Society (created solely for the importation of song birds to Hawaii) and quickly spread throughout the Islands.  It is now one of the most widespread birds in the Islands.

Mahalo to Cliff for sharing his beautiful photo and knowledge of this Japanese White-eye!

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  1. This species of Warbler is called a “Vireo”… If one checks the venerated Roger Tory Peterson’s Field Guide to Eastern U.S. birds they’ll find that there is a White-Eyed Vireo & 6 other similar species native to CONUS… Though I’m fortunate to see them just about every day here on Okinawa!

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