New giveaway: Made-in-Maui lotions, soaps & candle

Maui Soap Company makes tropical-scented bath and body care products. You may come across them when you shop for souvenirs in Hawaii as their products are stocked in many stores around the islands in addition to their online store.

Maui Soap Company handcrafts a lovely selection of Hawaii-scented products with fragrances like coconut, gardenia, mango papaya, plumeria and more.

The folks at Maui Soap Company are offering a wonderful coconut-scented prize pack to one lucky reader. The prize pack includes a body butter, bar soap, hand & body lotion, loofah soap, and scented pillar candle — all in the coconut scent and shown in the above photo.

To enter to win this prize pack, comment below (on this blog post that you’re reading) to tell us what scent reminds you of Hawaii. Make sure you provide your name and a valid email address so that we can contact if you are randomly selected as our winner. Please note that your email address will not be displayed. Enter your comment by Saturday, March 7, 2015.

Update: entries are now closed.

Congratulations to Laureen as our randomly selected winner!

  1. The smell that reminds me of hawaii is the white tea scent that the Westin offers in their hotels. No matter where I stay in a westin hotel it always reminds of Hawaii.

  2. Gardenia is the scent that most reminds me of Hawaii. I had a gardenia lei the first time was lucky enough to visit. I am planning on being in Maui for Christmas this year and plenty more times in the future.

  3. Plumeria is the wonderful scent that reminds me of our Hawaii adventures. It is so fragrant and light. We have a few Plumeria diffusers in our home with Plumeria oil and if I close my eyes I can imagine myself back in beautiful Hawaii!!

  4. mango papaya remind me of the lush tropical rainforest and lush fruit that grow in hawaii that taste so good!! When I smell those fruits it brings me back to Hawaii every time.I am planning on visiting Hawaii on my honeymoon.

  5. Many scents remind me of the islands—among them, one of my favorites is coconut. Gardenia and plumeria also remind me of Hawaii, but those are harder to come by here on the mainland.

  6. The delicate, sweet scent of the white ginger flower that I have worn in leis reminds me of Hawaii and I often look for hand lotions with the ginger scent.

  7. Every wonderful scent I can imagine. From the salt sea air scent, to coconuts, pineapple, plumeria and my all time favorite pikake. So many lovely scents its aroma overload.

  8. Plumeria reminds me of Hawaii. Wore in my hair and enjoyed seeing them everywhere when I was in Hawaii………………..

  9. I bought the perfume Jessica by Jessica McClintock at the outside airport gift shop (either Maui or the big island, Hawaii) back in 1996. It’s so floral smelling that its scent reminds me of Hawaii! Its also probably because I first bought it in Hawaii too!!

  10. Plumeria! And the combo of mango and coconut. And suntan lotion. And Lollia Wish perfume. I bought some while we were there last time, and it always takes me back!

  11. It’s a scent that is only found in Hawaii. To me the scent is called calm and peace with a splash of warm soft breeze.

  12. Yum! Coconut! Plumeria, pineapple, mango. If I can’t be in Hawaii at least I can smell like Hawaii! 🙂

  13. Plumeria, pineapple, coconut all remind me of Hawaii. I miss the fragrant blossoms outside my window with the roaring of the waves crashing…

  14. Plumeria, mango, papaya and coconut reminds me of my wonderful vacation on Maui and the Big Island! I love your products!

  15. The Plumeria scent reminds me of the flowers I wore. And Macadamia Nut Flavored Coffee scent reminds me of the wonderful coffee I drank. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. While on Maui in 2006 my wife and I were afforded more time “alone,”since there were no kids around. Now everytime I smell my wifes shampoo, Im reminded of Maui and some very special times.

  17. Coconut scent reminds me of Hawaii. My husband and I look forward to our September trip to three Hawaii islands!

  18. I’m gonna have to go with tropical fruit scents:pineapple/coconut/mango. Just cant get that flavor and scent from fresh fruit here on the mainland. Also if I could make a light salted macadamia scent that would fabulous. Aloha!

  19. By far, PLUMERIA has to be the most most singular fragrance that embodies the essence of all Hawaii! Absolutely love it!
    #soaps#lotions#candles#Made-in-Maui! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Coconut and pineapple scents make me think of Hawaii. It’s been a very long time since i was there visiting Oahu, the big island, and Maui, and am looking forward to visiting again this summer. I specifically remember these two scents from my trip and have always associated them with Hawaii since then. Coconut is my absolute favorite! Aloha ahiahi!

  21. Coconut is my favorite, but Pikake reminds me of the gorgeous leis, so that is what smells most like Hawaii to me.

  22. I love the scent of hibiscus so much so that I bought several of the hibiscus lotions and soap as gifts for my friends. When I smell hibiscus I think “Hawaii” and it takes me back to the time I was there.

  23. Certainly Coconut and Plumeria, but also that smell of the rainforest hiking up to Manoa Falls (especially when you get to experience a shower on the way)!

  24. Smells that remind me of Hawaii are coconut, plumeria,warm sun and the ocean! One of the first things I noticed on my first trip was how wonderful the air smelled!

  25. Coconut reminds me of Hawaii. It brings back memories of days spent on the beach with my family, relaxing to the sounds of the ocean and playing in the sand. In a few short weeks we are heading back to Maui to make more great memories! I can’t wait!

  26. It has to be the way my son smelled when I got my first hug from him in two years! I was there to visit him when he was stationed on Kaneohe Bay Marine Base when he was in the Navy. He smelled like the salty ocean air! Next would be pineapple(From visiting the Dole Plantation) and the scent of the lush mountainsides we drove by on our way to Waimea Bay to watch the sunset.

  27. Coconut and Pineapple of course. I hope I get there soon. When I think Hawaii I think coffee too!

  28. Plumeria is such a sweet scent that definitely brings me back to the islands, but of course coconut has the same effect 🙂

  29. The smell of Kona coffee brewing and the fresh smells of pineapple and lemons. I look forward to returning to Maui in December of this year!

  30. Plumeria is hands down the scent that reminds me of Hawaii! Coming from Canada, we don’t have Plumeria (or many of the other tropical plants) so as soon as I smell it, I’m instantly taken back to the islands!

  31. coconut is my favorite I love it the smell everything I’ll have coconut I have the coconut candles really really great all your products are really great and thank you for the quality of your products 😉 I got a birthday coming up so might get a little something for my birthday and Hawaii is my bucket list

  32. Coconut Lime Verbena. I had a small bottle of anti-bacterial hand soap when I was in Maui, so that smell always takes me back there. This post made me go smell some right now because we were hit with another snowstorm, and I needed a quick mental vacation. 🙂

  33. Plumeria is the scent I remember that is quintessential Hawaii. To me, it smells fresh, exotic and floral.

  34. Mahalo for all the entries! Hawaii is full of wonder fragrances, isn’t it?

    We’ve randomly selected and notified the winner via email. We are currently awaiting their reply.

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