Aloha Friday Photo: “The Light Show” Rainbow


Mahalo to James Brogan of Shutter Force Photography for sending this amazing rainbow photo to us for Aloha Friday Photos.  James shared this almost miraculous story of how he captured this photo:

This rainbow appeared over the Hawaii Kai Marina about a month back. I was headed out to run some errands and was eyeing it wishing I had my camera. An hour later I returned to the same spot and the rainbow was still there, this is one of the longest holding rainbows I have ever seen.

With continually shifting rain, wind, and light it is rare to see a rainbow for even more than a few minutes.

I ran home and grabbed my camera gear praying that it would continue to hold, i found my location and set up shop. I tucked myself under a bridge and began to battle the raindrops hitting my lens “wiping, shooting, wiping, shooting, wiping shooting……..”

After a little doctoring water spots I walked away with this image!

What a stunning image it is!

Happy Aloha Friday!

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