Is November a good month for a Hawaii vacation?

november in hawaii

If you are considering a Hawaii vacation in November, you may want to examine all the important factors, such as weather, costs, crowds and special events. We’ll look at each of those factors in detail to help you decide whether November is the best month for your visit to Hawaii, but almost anytime is a great time to visit Hawaii!

What’s the weather like in Hawaii in November?

Hawaii’s weather is almost always very pleasant. Even in November, when the most of the northern hemisphere experiences chillier, autumn weather, Hawaii stays quite warm due to its proximity to the equator. In November, Hawaii’s daytime, average high temperatures typically range in the mid to low 80s. Evening temperatures usually dip into the upper 60s to lower 70s.

Per weather records, November rainfall levels in Hawaii are higher than average. That being said, November is not the rainiest month in Hawaii. See the following Hawaii rainfall chart for more details.

This chart indicates the average rainfall trends by island. The data was collected at the major Hawaii airports. Click on the chart to get more information and data to help you understand Hawaii rainfall trends.

Note that most of Hawaii’s rain falls overnight. So, most likely, rain shouldn’t interfere with your vacation sightseeing much, if at all. Most showers are short-lived, so if you bring a light rain jacket and/or an umbrella and wear quick-drying clothes, you’ll still get to enjoy Hawaii’s great outdoors.

The ocean temperatures around Hawaii are pleasant enough for swimming. In fact, you can swim any time of year in Hawaii without needing a wetsuit.

Is November a quiet or crowded time to visit Hawaii?

Per our analysis of Hawaii Tourism Authority statistics, November is one of Hawaii’s least visited months. If you visit in the first few weeks of November, the islands should seem very uncrowded. However, with the last Thursday of November being Thanksgiving holiday, the final week of November has an uptick in visitors.

Is November a cheap or expensive month for a Hawaii vacation?

Per our analysis of Hawaii hotel rates, November is an excellent month to save money on accommodations. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest times of the year as you can see from the following graph. Note that hotel rates do increase around the week of Thanksgiving.


With the exception of Thanksgiving week, we have observed that airfare rates for November travel to Hawaii tend to be less. If you are considering a November vacation to Hawaii, we recommend you begin monitoring fares two to five months ahead of your visit. See our strategies for saving money on airfare to Hawaii.

Are there any special events or reasons to visit Hawaii in November?

The following festivals and events are Hawaii’s biggest for the month of November.

Hawaii, the Big Island



Of course, the Thanksgiving holiday takes place in November and people in Hawaii love to celebrate holidays. With Waikiki’s popularity, we issue a list of great things to do and places to dine in Waikiki for Thanksgiving.

Though we’ve only listed the top events for November, there are many, many more great cultural festivals in Hawaii. For a comprehensive list of festivals and events, search

Have you been to Hawaii in November? How was your experience?

The photo used at the top of this post was taken on one of our visits to Hawaii, the Big Island in November 2011.

This article about November is part of a larger series examining which month is best to vacation in Hawaii.

  1. November is the best! And if you fly before Wednesday and after Monday thanksgiving weekend airfare is not bad. Of course it’s never great. (Airfare)

    1. Cherieescoto says:

      How were the waves ? I went in April and they were a bit rough for kids. They got in but I was nervous bcuz the current was rougher then when I’ve been in August and September.

  2. I spent last 2 hours reading your articles ! And must say: awseome website ! !

  3. Is October a good month to visit Hawaii? How are the hotel rates & airfare at that time?

  4. I have never been to Hawaii, but it’s my plan to visit this November 2015 before my Birthday and can’t wait .
    My dream vacation a waits me .

    1. That is so crazy I too will be going in Nov 2015 for my birthday. This site had alot of good information

      1. Hi Melissa , I saw your post concerning Hawaii in November , and I’m due to get there the first week of November , Wow it would be great for me and my girl to meet you guys there to share our experiences … Do get back to me on this and tell me what you think about that …. We’re coming from PA

        1. This is ridiculous, I am looking to go for my birthday too.
          When will you all celebrate? If this is a coincidence that we are all celebrating the same date… then I will book my flights now and buy the first round in November!

          …I don’t even know who you people are.

          1. I am going for my birthday too Nov 17-23 🙂 This is awesome. Please post your experiences or any recommendations.

      1. Did you have a good honeymoon? I am wanting to go for our honeymoon Nov 16- would be interesting to hear how yours went! 🙂

  5. Christopher says:

    I will be visiting Hawaii in Nov 2015 for my birthday and found this website to be very informative. Just gotta hope for the best.

  6. I’ve finally talked my husband into going to Hawaii also in November for our 10yr anniversary. Let’s hope the weather is good for all us lucky people visiting Hawaii and most of all my husband loves it so we can go back!!

    1. So funny. We are heading to Hawaii tomorrow for our 10 year wedding anniversary too. Congrats, happy anniversary and have a great trip! 🙂

  7. Katrina carter says:

    I too will be going in Nov 2015. I’m so excited I can’t wait.

  8. Wow, there will be a lot of us there in November for birthdays. I’m hoping to take my hubby for his 50th on 11/28. We’ll toast you all. 😁

  9. We will be there the beginning of November in Maui then Kauai for our honeymoon.

  10. I know I don’t know any of you but I’m planning on being in Hawaii the first week for my birthday. November 4th. Celebrating my 50th.Maybe we can celebrate all at once. If not,Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you all 🙂

    1. Bruce Surratt says:

      Connie we plan to be there the first week of November …. If we are on the same flight from Atlanta to Honalulu my name is Bruce …. You can ask is there a Bruce on this flight , and you will hear me answer

  11. Im going for my Birthday too! Staying for 2 weeks from 15th November!!!

    For a solo chic travellor, looking to have adventures and make the most of the sun,surf and sand, which backpackers do you think is the best??

    Im flying to Oahu and then thinking of going to the big island for a week!


    1. I’m looking into going in nov as well also as a solo traveler I’m looking into prices

  12. My husband and I are going to Kauai the first week in November for my 30th Birthday! Neither of us have been to Hawaii before so 134 days can’t go fast enough!!

  13. We are invading Hawaii in Nov 2015 – we are also going for my 40th birthday ALOHA 🏄🏼

  14. Mother / Daughter LONG AWAITED and WELL DESERVED Vacation in Hawaii!! Also in November! So Excited… Her first time flying 🙂 ALOHA

  15. Patricia-Mom I found your comment wow!!!!!! So excited

  16. Hello, have arranged a surprise holiday for my husband in november for his 50th. I can’t wait as keeping this holiday a secret has been very hard work. Think I’m going to need this break as well.

  17. Hello to all the November birthday people, what a coincidence, I will going to Maui the first week of November for my birthday too. Although I’m not the type to celebrate or make a big deal out of it, I just wanted to get away and do something different for the 1st time. Will be staying at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort, also will be renting a nice full size car to go around and explore the island, so let me know if you have any suggestions, or if you will be in the area. 🙂 ALOHA

  18. Margaret Taylor says:

    My family will be going to Hawaii the second week of November with my grandson Saleem, “make a wish”,trip. He’s 10 and a two time Cancer survivor. His wish was to go to Hawaii and it was granted by the make a wish foundation.

    1. That is beautiful! I hope he enjoys it! 🙂

  19. Maxwell Akinsehinwa says:

    I will also be in Hawaii on my birthday! Looks like a lot of Scorpios will be in Hawaii.

  20. My husband and I will be cruiising around islands with our 8 year old son from 11/14/15-11/21/15.

  21. Husband and I will travel to Oahu the first week of November celebrating our 30th anniversary! Thanks for all the wonderful info! Cannot wait!!!!!

    1. Jaci Thompson says:

      I hope you enjoyed your anniversary in Oahu. May I ask how the weather was?

      1. The weather was great! It rained a little every day but not for long- except one day- it rained all day. That was the day we decided to tour the island by car rental. Even that rainy day didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.

  22. Colleen wilbanks says:

    This will be the first time that my husband and I are going to Hawaii.
    I especially want to see the Beautiful flowers do you have a time of year and the island to get a chance to see them.
    Any ideas we would appreciate.
    Thank you

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Good news – you can find beautiful, tropical flowers blooming in Hawaii year round!

  23. Jaci Thompson says:

    My husband and I plan on going to Oahu around November 9th 2016 to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. I’m hoping the weather is nice in November.
    Jaci & Scott

  24. I hope Thanksgiving week is good! I am going with my family Nov 23-Dec 5! I’m counting down the months!Lol. I read somewhere that the rain usually happens at night during the “rainy months” so it shouldn’t affect your Vaca to much. Last time I was there when it rained it was for 30 min or less by the beach then it was sunny again. I went last year and the rain was mostly inland not on the beach part in Oahu. I hope everyone’s vacation is sunny, warm and amazing!! Good luck everyone 🙂

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      You probably read that in this article! 🙂

  25. This was a really informative article, thanks!

  26. hi me and my partner are planning on going to hawaii from perth australia for our honeymoon on november 7th to november 17th and we really want to know as much information as we can about honolulu at this time as it is our special time

  27. guys

    any of you can you share your experience of hawai visit in Novemeber. i need to choose between August and Novemeber 🙂

  28. Lily Travis says:

    I have booked my trip to honululu . Me ,my daughter and son are going 17th November until 22nd nov. Hope the weather will be pleasing. I am staying in Hyatt regency resort and spa,Waikiki . Hope this hotel is good to stay and it is close to the beach and shopping centre.

  29. Ala Damra says:

    I just want to know if all you november babies met last year! It would be cool to know after reading of all your plans lol

  30. Thaís Belini says:

    2017 and this post is still really usefull ! I was afraid that november would not be a good month to visit hawaii, but now I am so excited… I loved it !

  31. My daughter and I are going in November for a nine-day cruise. Can’t wait. Will be in Oahu a couple of days before the cruise. Trying to decide if we want to stay a few days after the cruise. 😄

  32. I will be going Nov 12-17th 2017 for my honeymoon from TEXAS! VERY HELPFUL article! Thank you 🙂 all I’m dreading is the flight back home!! LOL

  33. We were hoping to have our honeymoon on the Big Island, from October 29th-November 9th. Will the Kona Coffee Festival bring many tourists? I’ve been to the Big Island before but I want to be able to share all of my experiences without too much of a crowd.

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      We’ve been to the Big Island for the Kona Coffee Festival. We didn’t think the island was crowded at all. We went to some of the festival events and there were far more locals than visitors at the events.

      1. Awesome, that’s so good to hear! Do you have any recommendations for hotels/resorts that accommodate honeymooners?

  34. we are going Nov 13th to 20th, hard to find a condo on the beach ( all rocky,where is the sandy beaches),dont really care which island. Whats the best way to get from one island to another?

      1. Oh my gosh! You have to go to Maui! My husband and I are going for our 3rd time November 10-17. The beaches in Kaanapali are beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful hotels.

  35. Amanda Johnson says:

    This was very helpful. My husband, son and I are planning a trip to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor and celebrating our 15 year anniversary.

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Excellent, have a great anniversary trip!

  36. Very helpful, thank you! My husband and I are going November 25 to December 3 for our 15th anniversary. I was nervous about the weather and my google search brought me here! Glad to see the weather will be nice and I won’t need a lot of warm clothing.

  37. Hi! I’m going November 17-25 and found a great condo on the beach in Waikiki. Going to visit my son in the service and can’t wait to explore HAWAII!! Does anyone know anything I shouldn’t miss seeing?

  38. Rebecca Fullerton says:

    We are looking forward to visiting Hawaii November of 2017. Our 50th wedding anniversary is November 23 though since that is so close to Thanksgiving we may go earlier in the month. I’ve heard all good from just about everyone so can’t wait to go!

  39. Ike Brown says:

    Just a quick note. Thanksgiving is not the last Thursday in November; it’s the fourth Thursday. Most years, that day coincides. Only important if you’re making plans for that week….

  40. nicole malmberg says:

    My daughter and I share a birthday and want to go to Hawaii Nov5-11 2020. I don’t know where to go. We do t want to spend a bunch of money on a hotel cause we want to be out exploring. Where is the best place for first timers probably only trip I will get to take there.

  41. Randall Yarn says:

    I want to take my girlfriend to Hawaii for her birthday in November. I want it to be perfect. I was thinking Honolulu but don’t know if that is the perfect spot. Also the hotel and or resorts to stay at. We plan on staying for about two weeks. Any tips would be appreciated.

  42. We’re going Nov 2022 to celebrate our 60th birthdays! Really happy I found these comments!! We’re so very excited about visiting Hawaii!!!

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