Aloha Friday Photo: A diamond of an oath


Mahalo to Debbie for sharing this perfectly timed photo from the top of Diamond Head. Debbie suggested that we share this photo for 4th of July, which is an excellent idea.

So, how did Debbie get this photo? I’ll let Debbie share her story:

This photo was taken in April 2011 on our first visit to Waikiki and Kauai.  We hiked up to Diamond Head behind a group of soldiers.  We were very surprised to see that upon reaching the top they were having a ceremony to swear in 3 soldiers  who had recently completed their training.  They took an oath and were given a ceremonial coin.  We were thrilled to get to see something like this especially after having toured Pearl Harbor the day before.  

What a treat it must have been to observe this patriotic ceremony at the top of Diamond Head! Mahalo again to Debbie for sharing her photo and story with us.

Debbie’s photo and today’s holiday provide us with the perfect reminder to express our gratitude to all the men and women who serve our country.

Happy July 4th and Aloha Friday!

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