Aloha Friday Photo: Haleakala Pre-Sunrise Edition

Today’s Aloha Friday Photos come to us from Fidel. He and his wife took their very first trip to Maui back in May.

Fidel and his wife took the early morning drive up to the top of Haleakala to watch sunrise, making sure they arrived early enough for the outstanding stargazing. Fidel tells me he was in awe when he arrived at the summit at 4am and adding, “Looking up the sky, seeing the thousands of bright stars and the milky way interspersed in between them made me breathless.  It felt like I could just grab and play them in my hands!  It was one of the most amazing sight I’ll ever see and remember.“

Pre-sunrise at Haleakala
Fidel notes the following planets he found among the stars: Jupiter (top), Venus (below left) and Mars (right of Venus).

I’ve had a similar experience as Fidel had on Haleakala. It’s simply incredible to see that many stars in that dark, night sky. As you are making your Hawaii vacation plans, I’d encourage you to read my article about stargazing in Hawaii for tips on when and where to go.

Fidel took this photo just a bit later in the morning. He noted that, at this point, Mars became so faint that it was almost unnoticeable.

If you are planning to go to Haleakala to watch sunrise on your Maui vacation, I highly recommend that you read my tips to make the most of you Haleakala sunrise visit. I recommend that you arrive early to stargaze and watch for shooting stars.

Fidel went on to note that most people at the summit seemed completely unaware of the star-filled sky. Sadly, they seemed focused on the sole task of watching sunrise. If they only realized what they were missing, they would have seized the moment.

Mahalo to Fidel for sharing these beautiful pre-sunrise Haleakala photos and his observations with us!

  1. Beautiful shots!

    Thank Fidel for us Sheila. 🙂

    We just booked 4 weeks in Hawaii for September… may turn it into 5 or 6 depending if we do Molokai or not.

    We’ll be learning lots from your site before we get there… keep the great info coming! 🙂

    Appreciate you!

    N & S

    1. Awesome, Nancy &Shawn – will this be you’re first trip to Hawaii or are you already addicted to the Aloha State? 🙂

      1. The being addicted part sounds more accurate. 🙂

        We’ve cruised there twice, the 2nd time for our honeymoon but this time will be staying at resorts for a week on each island as we want to experience as much as we can in each place…

        …can’t wait!

        Did we read your about section right the other day… you don’t live in HI?

        If that’s right you must visit a ton to know all you do! 🙂

        N & S

        1. Yes, that’s right — I don’t live in Hawaii and I never have. I actually live in North Carolina –

          I fell in love with Hawaii on my very first visit to the islands in 2003. That was what I thought would be a once-in-a-lifetime-trip to Maui with a day trip to Oahu. Little did I know that would start a career change (to blogging from engineering) for me. 🙂

          Your plans sound excellent. I think it takes a good 5 to 7 days to get to know the personality of each island.

  2. Hi Shiela-as you can see, I am ACH, and the reason I am writing, is I saw my name affiliated with photos of Haleakala, as at one time I think I submitted a photo of a sunrise taken in 2007 which is stated: …”me and a friend visited”… Just wondering, is the photo one I sent? This just said posted by Shiela. It does look like other’s I have. Just wondered…and if it is one of mine, would be neat to have my name on it. Thanks!

    1. Hi ACH – These photos were sent all sent by Fidel.

      I looked through my files and didn’t see where you had submitted a photo. You commented that you took a photo only. Here’s where you commented that you took a photo: Your comment was on December 1, 2008. As you can see Fidel’s photos are all marked with a date of May 15, 2011.

      I’m a stickler for crediting people for their work. If you sent in a photo, I would have credited you with sending in that photo.

    2. Hello, ACH –

      I remember reading your post of December 2008 weeks before we went to Maui and was hoping to see pictures you took of the sunrise at Haleakala. I got particularly excited about your seeing a man who look like Santa. My friend and next door neighbor looks exactly like Santa. He and his wife went to in late 2008. Remember Macy’s Santa Claus? He looks exactly like him!

      You can rest assured that, and I just need to tell all the readers of GoVisitHawaii blogsite, that nothing passes through Sheila (and Andy for that matter) without her giving credit to anyone who posts in her blogsite, whether testimonials or pictorials. I gave Sheila my permission to post the pictures I sent to her, two of whom are posted above, anytime she deems necessary. Believe me when I say that I trust her with my photographs more than I trust other sites.

      I would love to see your pictures when you get the chance! Ciao!

      1. Hi Fidel, definitely a mistake on the photos. The photo I was talking about was in 2007, though I wrote about in in 08. On one of the go visit sites, left hand corner, of site, it “looked” like one of mine. Sorry for misunderstanding. Was not refering to your very different current ones. Definitely not mine, but very gorgeous.I’m trying to get the address right to send mine along.From the feedback, had no doubt that Shiela was trustworthy. Sorry it was taken wrong on her behalf. Later…

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