Swimming with Honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtles)

swimming with honu on kohala coast

While snorkeling along the Kohala Coast on Hawaii’s Big Island, we encountered many honu — so many that it was almost hard not to see them along the shore or in the water. From our experience, the Kohala Coast is perhaps one of the very best places to see honu and swim near them.

Honu swim so gracefully in the water. I could watch them for hours as they nibble around the coral and pop up for a breath of air.

The honu didn’t seem to mind that we were observing them. We were very careful to keep a comfortable distance from the honu to let them have their space. We always try to be polite visitors in their ocean home.

Please enjoy our two-minute go-pro video showing scenes of honu swimming by us as we snorkeled. This footage was taken from a snorkeling excursion with Mauna Lani Sea Adventures as well as snorkeling from the shoreline fronting The Fairmont Orchid.

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Have you seen honu in Hawaii?

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  1. I’d live that but dream to touch a dolphin lived in Seattle ally live kids r growing up i want to retire in hawaii someday if i ever can afford to get there 😉
    Single 6 yrs i hope to some day fine the love of my life too!

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