Oahu’s big wave surfing season is underway!

oahu north shore big wave

Professional surfers from around the world converge on Oahu’s North Shore each winter for the world’s top surfing competitions.  Vans Triple Crown of Surfing opens this week signaling the start of the season.

You can watch the Vans’ competitions live online when they are in action. I’ll be bookmarking that link to check in on the action that’s set to take place through December 20th. Looks like today’s “messy 6′ – 8′” waves won’t make the cut, though.

If you visit Oahu during Winter months, there’s a fairly good chance that you’ll get to see the monster waves crashing on the North Shore. It is an amazing sight that will surely have you mesmerized. During your visit, you might luck into seeing Vans, Quiksilver or any of the many other surfing competitions that are typically held from November through February. We recommend you pick up the local newspaper to check for surfing events that may be scheduled during your stay.

If you aim to check out the big wave surfers on the North Shore this winter, please note that parking can be a challenge. Pay close attention to no parking signs as they aren’t just suggestions as we’ve seen many ticketed cars parked where they weren’t supposed to be. For the big, big events at Vans and Quiksilver you might want to consider taking public transportation on TheBus.

Do you have plans to see Oahu’s big wave surfing this winter?

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