Aloha Friday Photos & Advice: How to fight those “I miss Hawai’i blues”

We have more than usual to share today with three photos plus great advice!

Mahalo to Laura and Marco from Italy for sending in this week’s featured photos and advice! They’re repeat visitors who adore Hawaii. They’re planning another return to Hawaii a year from now. Since that is such a long time from now, Laura says she needed to write some notes to “heal” her Hawaiian “blues.” Here are the notes and photos, Laura shared with us.

How to fight those “I miss Hawai’i”  blues

But what can we do when real life and our jobs “intrude”?  And the next trip seems desperately far away?

Over the years we have decorated our house with lttle Hawai’ian touches … EVERYWHERE — from pictures of Hawaii and linen to hand-made tiki glasses to kukui nut leis.

The newest addition to this “Hawai’ian ambience” has been an unexpected present from my Dad, Ferdi. Knowing how much my  husband and I  love outrigger canoes and how impressed we were by the  Ka’ilila’au story … he has handcrafted for us this miniature “replica” of an ancient Polynesian vessel!! Isn’t it  adorable? It is just  a light-weight wa’a kaulua, which now has the place of honor in our living room … because it brings back happy memories from our stay at Ka’anapali Beach Hotel.

Aloha 2
Handmade replica of a Polynesian sailing canoe
The Kai’ilika’au — a Polynesian canoe constructed by Ka’anapali Beach Hotel employees

Among the many fascinating “stories” about the Polynesian Triangle and the long-distance travels performed by the ancient Hawai’ians, I was enchanted by the sailing canoe built by all the staff of the hotel : it still tells us about teamwork, love of Nature and aloha … Indeed a visit to Hawai’i isn’t only a tourist “thing” — it is a way to rethink life as a whole!

Here’s the story of the canoe built by Ka’anapali Beach Hotel staff

What do  you think of / do  when … HAWAI’I  CALLS  ?

  1. Dear Sheila, I really love reading your blog. For me, it is one possibility to fight those “I miss Hawai’i” blues. The other is to stay in contact with friends at the islands via Facebook and Twitter. What should I do without those social media items ….
    But the most helpful way for me is dancing Hula. Then I put myself to the islands, my heart and my soul, and everytime I’m feeling the spirit of Hawai’i. It’s helping to bridge the gap until coming back next year.
    Me ke aloha pumehana!

    1. Manuela – Mahalo for your comment! What a beautiful way to transport yourself to Hawaii — at least in your mind — by hula!

      How did you learn to hula? I have taken a few short lessons in Hawaii, but I would love to learn more.

  2. I do practice the Hula too quite often, at home, following Kili’s lesson … from the DVD that I won HERE 🙂 two years ago, guessing the right date for the whales return to Hawaii! Damn … I missed the date this year 🙁

  3. I’ve never been to Hawaii but I always hear good things from there. How I wish I can visit this place someday and I’ll surely make fun memories under the sun!

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