See how Hawaii fast food is different from the mainland with these fun commercials


If you ever visit a fast food restaurant in Hawaii, you’ll probably notice some menu items that you wouldn’t find on the mainland. For example, as you’ll see in the following McDonalds commercial, their breakfast menu includes a SPAM, Eggs and Rice Platter.

Burger King offers their own Hawaii take on the popular breakfast item — the Croissan’wich. The Hawaii version is the SPAM Croissan’wich as you’ll see in the following commercial.

KFC offers a Teriyaki Chicken Snacker that looks pretty tasty in the following commercial.

KFC also created a commercial with a parody of the hit TV show LOST that was filmed in Hawaii.

It’s good to see that the fast food companies create commercials aimed at the local residents. For example, here’s a general Burger King commercial showing beautiful Hawaii scenery.

A big mahalo to my Oahu friend Dave for sharing these Hawaii fast food videos with me.

From these commercials, did you see something you’d like to try? Have you tried Hawaii-flavored fast food on your Hawaii vacation?

  1. Haupia pies at McDonalds! Otherwise we mostly ate at local restaurants which were much, much better than anything fast food!

  2. I went and had Spam & Eggs at the McD’s on Maui when I was there, just to say I had… was nasty, just as I suspected 🙂 I regretted not trying the portuguese sausage instead.

    These are cute commercials tho!

  3. Funny commercials! And of course Hawaii McDonalds would use spam haha. I actually like visiting McDonalds in different countries because they always have something that is a variation to the local food. I remember the one in Taiwan had sticky rice instead of hamburger buns and the ones in Costa Rica have a Tica Burger with Salsa Lizano Sauce.

  4. We’ve visited Japan several times and over there when you ask for ham, you get spam. We learned quickly to avoid things with “ham” in them (we’re not spam fans).
    Seeing things like Spam on the menus and rice (for breakfast, instead of potatoes) while we were in Maui, made me realize how much the asian culture has influenced Hawaii.

  5. This is really cute, I never saw such McDonald’s commercials nowhere else.
    I need to go there somehow this spring to taste that food, maybe the food is also different.

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