How to vacation in Hawaii like the Duck Dynasty

How to vacation in hawaii like duck dynasty

Did you see the Duck Dynasty season finale where the Robertsons take a family vacation to Hawaii? Wasn’t the scenery fantastic? If you caught the show and also the bug to take your own Hawaii vacation like the Duck Dynasty family, I took notes and have practically recreated Willie’s itinerary — from which hotel they stayed in to where they rode Segways in the jungle.

First, the Duck Dynasty family flew to Kona Airport (KOA) on Hawaii, the Big Island. From there, they traveled about 20 minutes north to Waikoloa Beach Resort, which is an area we highly recommend for a Hawaii vacation. More specifically, they stayed at Hilton Waikoloa Village, which is one of Hawaii’s largest hotels and very family friendly.

Hilton Waikoloa Pool where Duck Dynasty lounged
One of the many pools at Hilton Waikoloa Village. I believe the lounge chairs on the right is where the Duck Dynasty family lounged before all the adventures began.

While the wives sipped lava flows (pina coladas with strawberry sauce) by the pool, the guys tried their luck with surfing lessons. They arranged their lessons through HYPR NALU.

The next adventure was over on the Hilo side of the island at World Botanical Gardens, where the guys rode Segways through tropical gardens and jungle. We didn’t see their Segway training scene, but I’m pretty sure their instructor did not teach them to drive like they were at a Segway rodeo, but it sure made for some great laughs when they got out of control. I’m also certain that the average person would not be permitted to climb into the river as that’s dangerous.

They must have made a stop, at least to film scenery for an interlude,at Akaka Falls while they were in this neck of the woods. It’s a beautiful, thin, straight line waterfall that plunges over 400 feet.

Akaka Falls
Akaka Falls

While the guys are off exploring the other side of the island and jumping off old lava rock structures at Hilo Bay, Phil and Miss Kay are enjoying a private oceanside couples massage at Kohala Spa, I believe.

Fire knife dancer at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Luau
Fire knife dancer at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Luau

To conclude the Duck Dynasty Hawaii vacation, the family gathers for their own private oceanside luau. Private luaus are unusual and probably extremely expensive, but the Robertsons can certainly afford it. If you go, I recommend you opt for one of the standard luaus and the Hilton Waikoloa Village has a nice one onsite.

There’s really so much more to see on Hawaii Island. The Duck Dynasty gang should have checked our popular guide to what to see and do on the Big Island, which also happens to be very budget-friendly.

So what did you think of the Duck Dynasty season finale in Hawaii? Did it get you wanting to book a Hawaii vacation like it did to me?

  1. I missed it! – Arrrggg… But great recap! It looks like they had a blast. 🙂

  2. we liked the show and the vacation resort. will try for december or january 2014, for a weeks stay. And God bless the Robertsons, tell them to keep up the great show.

    1. December will be the start of whale season and January will be near peak, so that would be a good time to go.

  3. My wife and I recognized the hotel in the show as we stayed at that same hotel back in February of 2003. The Hilton Waikoloa is a beautiful place. Would love to go back again someday. I will never forget eating dinner at a restaurant overlooking the pool and the ocean and the entire restaurant broke out in applause when the sun set into the ocean. It was like everyone was applauding God for another masterpiece!

  4. Been there 6 times. Can’t get enough. Although we don’t stay at the Hilton any more we stay in a nearby condo and get guest passes for the day. Big island is magical and we fell in love with it. Another famous A&E family got married there at the hilton as well. We met Beth going over there from LA one time and my daughter told her about the Hilton. Yep. Dog the bounty hunter. Love hawaii

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