The misadventures of your Go Visit Hawaii guides

3459237021_7e1efe55f3_mOur trips to Hawaii have not always gone without a hitch. We’ve found ourselves nearly starving, almost without a rental car and in the urgent care. We laugh at these situations now, but at the time they weren’t funny.

We’ve learned from our mishaps. In fact in some cases, our goof ups have resulted in advice-filled blog posts.

In 2009 we ran a series of posts on some of our misadventures. We thought you’d enjoy a look back at the posts. I’m pretty sure you’ll find them comical.

– There was the time that we brought way too much luggage — 10 cases and bags plus two sets of golf clubs for four adults in one Jeep Wrangler. Yeah, do the math on that. It doesn’t work. Read more about that issue along with the resulting humiliation in misadventures luggage edition.

– Then, there was the time we set off on a challenging Kauai hike with grand ideas to have a lovely, nourishing picnic on a hard-to-reach beach. The problem was we forgot the picnic. Read more about it on the no picnic for you edition.

– Have you ever wondered how you’d react if you came across a shark about the same size as yourself while snorkeling? Well, we know how we react by experience. Check out our close encounters of the shark kind.

– We always leave Hawaii with some sort of new knowledge. Andy and his “delicate English palate” learned that a Pele food preparation means ‘beware spicy food ahead’. Read about that on the fiery palate edition.

– Speaking of food…one time we accidentally found ourselves on the menu at a mosquito buffet. Read about that in the mosquito bait edition.

– Have you ever rented the right car on the wrong island? Yeah, we did that, too.

– Is any collection of misadventures complete without a visit to urgent care? Yep, been there. Done that. Read about it in the one sharp eye edition.

I sincerely hope you get a big laugh out of our misadventures. I’ve certainly been cracking up as I’ve corralled these events into this article.

Ah, memories…

  1. Great post and we are in the same boat. Not always perfect in Hawaii. Last March in Kona was one of the most memorable unperfect trips. Our entire family came down with noro virus. We named this bug “Pineapple flu” after my step daughter vomitted pineapple chunks all of the back seat of our rental car while we were half way to Akaka falls from Kona town. woops. There was also the time we survived the tsunami in 2011 on Kauai. We had to evacuate to a school up the hill from our condo and didn’t bring any food, drink or sleeping gear with us. We had no idea how long we would be refugees for. Next time we will be better prepared for that! I could write an entire blog post about this too!

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Janielle — I had to laugh at you naming the bug the “Pineapple flu”. Isn’t it funny that even with bad experiences, we can still look back on these trips fondly?

      1. Yes, it is pretty funny. Like I always say “Hawaii is a Magical Place”, terrible things can happen but it’s still Hawaii! We are about to be back in Kona and hoping not to repeat “pineapple flu” and actually get to Akaka falls this time. 😉

        Wish us luck!

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