Aloha Friday Photo: Santa Claus visits Lanai!

Santa Claus visits Lanai

Over several visits to Lanai, we’ve seen a few celebrities. (If celebrities are drawn to Lanai, it’s got to be good. Right?) I won’t name the names of the celebs we’ve seen, but none of them are as famous as the North Pole’s very own — Santa Claus!

Santa has been visiting Lanai to relax and rejuvenate before his big night later this month. The nice folks at Four Seasons Lanai sent us this exclusive photo of Santa exploring the coastline beside of Pu’uphehe, which is also known as Sweetheart Rock.

Notice that Santa is flashing two shakas, which can only mean he’s loving this vacation. He’s been working on his tan and enjoying the beautiful blue Pacific by stand up paddle boarding. You can follow along and see more photos of Santa on Lanai at the Four Seasons Lanai facebook page.

I must agree with Santa that Lanai is a super place to recharge your batteries and thaw out from wintery weather.

Mahalo nui loa to our friends at Four Seasons Lanai for sharing this big news and their photo with us. Clearly, they’re on Santa’s nice list.

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