Aloha Friday Photo: North Shore Oahu Awesomeness


Wowza!  Is this an awesome photo or what!

I love this perfectly captured moment – peeking through the sun-clad palm to catch a massive wave forcefully rolling to shore. I can almost hear the sound of the waves as I look at it.

Mahalo to the Riveras of New Mexico for sharing their amazing photo from their December Oahu vacation!

  1. This is a really cool picture! I wish I was there…like right now!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Sheila! Such a great picture.
    I love the Aloha Friday photo and your blog!

    1. Manjari – the bigger waves only come in winter months, but other than that, it’s a normal scene.

  3. Thanx. I haven’t been here but I pretty much saw a similar scene in Australia. Big and beautiful beaches and similar waves crashing on the shores. Have you been to India? Places like Andaman and Nicobar or even Lakshwadeep are as beautiful

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