Beautiful Leis from Kona Coffee Festival

leis that include coffee beans from the Kona Coffee Festival

With today being Lei Day in Hawaii, I thought it would be a great excuse to write about some outstanding leis we saw at the Kona Coffee Festival on Hawaii’s Big Island.

As you will see each of these leis are gorgeous, but what makes them even more special is that they incorporate  some aspect of a Kona coffee plant – usually the Kona coffee beans.

First we have a mixed floral with coffee beans.

Leis with Kona coffee beans

This next lei looks like it uses the lehua blossom, delicate ferns as well as coffee beans.

Lei with Kona coffee beans

This final lei photo shows wraps fragrant flowers (pikake, I believe) with  ti leaves, and coffee beans.

Leis with Kona coffee beans

Major kudos to the lei makers for sharing their amazing lei creations.

Learn more about the cultural meanings and representations of Hawaiian lei making.

  1. Oh my – these are beautiful leis! I hope to be able to attend Kona’s Coffee Festivals one of these days (year). It’s the first of May today – just want to greet you all Happy Lei Day on 1st of May 🙂


  2. I am getting married in July in Maui and I am looking to find beautiful lies at reasonable prices – anybody have any suggestions?

    1. Christi – I believe you’ve asked this before and as I recall, I responded with going to Safeway – good quality, fragrant and not so pricy.

      1. Thanks Sheila – you are right, I think you did suggest Safeway before – just have so many things running through my head about all of the wonderful and exciting things to see and do in Maui

  3. This morning I’m humming the song May Day Is Lei Day in Hawai’i. Remember that one?
    May Day is lei day in Hawai’i,
    Garlands of flowers everywhere,
    All of the colors in the rainbow,
    Maidens with blossoms in their hair,
    Flowers that mean we should be happy,
    Throwing aside a load of care,
    Oh, May Day is lei day in Hawai’i,
    May Day is a happy day out here.
    I remember a day of festivities under the Banyan tree; the May pole dance, the royal court, the hula, the music and of course everyone wearing beautiful, fragrant lei. Fond, fond, fond memories!
    Mahalo for sharing pictures of the gorgeous lei. Here in Wasilla we’re weeks, probably months, away from flower beds blooming so I can make lei.
    I la maika’i.

  4. Absolutely the most beautiful lei’s I hav e ever seen. I was in Hawai’i 3 years ago and fell in love with the beautiful state and really want to come back soon,maybe I can. Aloha Donna

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