Treasuring Hawaii Through Art (+ Giveaway)

Hulopoe Bay

The above photo is of Hulopo’e Bay on the island of Lana’i. It’s definitely one of our favorite places in Hawaii. In fact, we’ve dubbed it our happy place.

Another Hawaii favorite of ours is Lana’i artist Mike Carroll.  We don’t often purchase original oil paintings, but Mike Carroll’s art has captured our attention since we purchased the outrigger canoe painting shown in the below photo.

Mike Carroll

Andy and I are both facebook fans of Mike Carroll Gallery. About a week before our recent Lanai visit, a photo of the painting Breezy Hulopo’e Bay was posted on facebook. It was love at first sight. Mike had captured our favorite place so beautifully – especially with the warm glow of the late afternoon sunlight. Both Andy and I commented how much we liked it.

Andy and I talked about how much we liked it. We half-jokingly, half-seriously picked the spot where we’d hang the painting. We dreamed of owning it, but knew realistically, it might not be in the cards for us.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, we stopped into Mike Carroll Gallery in Lanai City. We walked straight to Breezy Hulopo’e Bay like it was a beacon.  Mike was out painting at the time, but his lovely wife, Kathy, told us that two other parties had expressed an interest in purchasing it, but Mike put a courtesy hold on it for us, based solely on our facebook comments. What a surprise!

Andy and I briefly discussed the purchase decision. We’re not in the habit of purchasing original oil paintings, so we don’t take purchases like this one lightly. Within a couple of minutes we knew we had to take Breezy Hulopo’e Bay back home with us.

The following photo shows Mike Carroll holding Breezy Hulopo’e Bay just outside of his Lanai City gallery. Per our request, Mike kindly posed with Breezy Hulopo’e Bay for us.
Breezy Hulopoe by Mike Carroll

When you visit Lanai, I recommend you pop into Mike Carroll Gallery to talk story with Mike and Kathy. You might also find Mike at the  Four Seasons Lanai Resorts where he is an Artist in Residence.

Mike Carroll - Greeting Cards

So, we are very blessed to have a painting of one of our favorite places Hawaii. I’d like to hear from you now. If you could have a painting of your favorite place in Hawaii, where would it be?  Please enter your comment for a chance to win the collection of Mike Carroll greeting cards in the above photo. Please enter your comment by Saturday, March 10, 2012 for a chance to win.

  1. Tamara Altizer says:

    The Big Island (specifically the Hilo area with the waterfalls).

  2. Love Mike Carroll’s work and the two paintings you bought! Beautiful!

    I would have to say anywhere in Hawaii is beautiful but I am partial to the North Shore.

  3. Stephen Malm says:

    Our family considers Lana’i our favorite of the islands. So many views would evoke great memories – but the tall pines silhouetted on the ridgelines above the Lodge at Koele, and the vertical cliffs to the southwest of the island – are two that I would like to see captured.

  4. So many places come to mind… Favorites would either be somewhere along the Road to Hana or Oahu’s North Shore.

  5. Christina says:

    I love the untraditionally Hawaiian, but oh so relaxing atmosphere of the Lodge at Koele, and would love a painting just like “Koele Reflections”!

  6. It’s hard for me to say as it has been 25 years since my one and only trip to Hawaii. But I am coming back in May! Hope I am still eligible 🙂

  7. I would have to say I was totally awestruck by the hues of blues and greens of the mountains and the low, dramatic clouds of Kauai. I’m glad I wasn’t the driver on our trip because I could never tear my eyes away from the scenery of those gorgeous mountains. I miss it like crazy.

  8. Without a doubt,Kauaii is my favorite Island. It’s hard to pick one spot that I would like to be in a painting but it would have to be a view of the Kilauea Lighthouse on the cliff of Kilauea Point with the beautiful blue ocean below . It was my first stop on way to Princeville from the airport and I will never forget it. BREATHTAKING VIEW !!!!

  9. Lisa linsley says:

    One of the awesome black sand beaches on the big island or Maui! I went in November and I still thing of our magical trip everyday!

  10. Brenda Gaston says:

    Haleakala Sunrise would be just beautiful hopefully with a sailboat in the background.

  11. Napali Coast with all it’s magical colors

  12. I have never had the pleasure of seeing the close up
    beauty of Hawaii…My friends have told me lots of
    things about the island of Oahu!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  13. Wow, what a wonderful surprise to see my work featured on Go Visit Hawaii! My next painting trip will be on Kauai in June, and I’ll definitely keep the above suggestions in mind. 🙂

  14. Although I haven’t been there YET, I’m sure a painting of Waimea Canyon would be a special place to capture on canvas. We hope to see it in a couple years when we return.

  15. I love the huge banyan trees either in Lahaina or at Koele on Lanai. Love those vines.

  16. So hard to pick just one beautiful place in Hawaii but any place with the clear blue ocean and beach, palm trees, green mountains and some colorful flowers. Waikiki, North Shore or Kualoa Ranch are beautiful places on Oahu.

  17. Seems like we might be having some technical difficulties, so I’m entering this comment on behalf of Deb N Iggy Arreola –

    “The cards are beautiful….I would love to see the Waipio Valley with the stunning waterfalls.”

  18. Two of my favorite photos of Hawaii that I would love to have paintings of are Wai’anapanapa State Park on Maui~ the colors are amazing; the verdant vegetation against the black sand and rocks and the cerulean water; beautiful. And the Napali Coast on Kauai~ breathtaking!

  19. We loved the road to Hana! I would love to live there.

  20. Aerial view of Kauai’s Napali Coast at sunset,with a double Rainbow!

  21. Rhonda Darling Pollard says:

    I have always loved Waipio Valley, but after hiking to Hi’ilawe Falls last May where I met the great grandson of “Hi’ilawe” songwriter, Sam Li’a, and was invited into his home and kalo field, Waipio looked more beautiful to me than ever before.

  22. Mahalo for all the excellent entries!

    Our randomly selected winner is janeray1940. Congrats!

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