Lanai Sunset Picnic by Puupehe (Sweetheart Rock)

Sunset picnic at Puupehe (Sweetheart Rock)

When we go to Hawaii, we like to plan a picnic at sunset. As I’ve described in the post, The “Restaurant” with the Best Sunset View in Hawaii, sunset is the ideal time to enjoy a picnic. You’ll practically feel like you have the place all to yourself while most folks are trying to get a nice table in a restaurant.

On our recent Lanai visit, we decided we wanted to take the short (20 minute) hike out to the ledge by Puupehe (Sweetheart Rock) for a sunset picnic. At this time of day, the sun shines directly on the red lava rocks giving them a beautiful warm glow. These sun-generated colors grab my attention and don’t let go until the light disappears.

From the above photo, you can see our picnic view. Isn’t it stunning?

Room Service from Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay made picnicking a breeze.  They offer three different picnic options for roughly $34 per person, but the portions were so generously sized, we could have easily shared one picnic order. Room Service packed our selection of tasty sandwiches, pasta salad, potato chips, fresh cut pineapple, cookies and drinks in a light-weight, insulated cooler.

We finished dinner just in time to capture the setting sun. As you can see from the following photo, the sunset view over the tide pools was equally beautiful.

Lanai Sunset from the ledge near Puupehe (Sweetheart Rock)

We had plenty of twilight to leisurely make our way back to the resort. We were already treasuring our newly created memories with the views from our essentially private dining experience.

Whether you’re going to Lanai or another Hawaiian Island, I encourage you to plan your own sunset picnic. You’ll be glad you did!

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