Off the Road to Hana: Alau Island & Hamoa Beach

Coast View along Road to Hana - Alau Island

Near Hana, you’ll find an island that will probably peak your curiosity – Alua Island. This island seems to appear out of nowhere, but what surprises me most is that there’s palm trees growing on top.

For years, I had wondered how those palm trees were established. I finally got my question answered as I was on a horseback ride included in my stay at Travaasa Hana.  Lifelong Hana resident Jolynn from Hana Ranch told us that her grandfather and his friends swam out to Alau Island and planted the coconut trees decades ago.

Alau Island is located several hundred yards off the Maui coast just beyond the central part of the town of Hana. To get a great view of Alau Island, turn off of Hana Highway (also known as the Road to Hana) on to Haneoo Road which will loop back around to the Hana Highway. See this Google Map for a detailed view.

It’s worth mentioning that one of Maui’s most beautiful beaches, Hamoa Beach, is just around the corner from the view of Alau Island. As you drive on from the Alau Island view away from Hana town on Haneoo Road, you may notice cars parked on the side of the road. From the elevated cliff, you may only have a peek-a-boo glimpse of Hamoa Beach. It’s worth finding a place to park and walk down to the beach.

Hamoa Beach is also off Haneoo Road past Hana town.
Hamoa Beach is also off Haneoo Road past Hana town.
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