Hawaii Prize Pack Giveaway

Hawaii giveaway goodies

It’s high time for another giveaway here on Go Visit Hawaii. This Hawaii prize pack includes:

  • a 2012 Hawaii calendar
  • set of 10 postcards of vintage Hawaii travel posters
  • a luggage tag with a vintage Hawaii scene
  • mints in a tin designed like a Hawaii license plate

To enter for a chance to win this prize pack, please comment here on this blog post your answer to this question:

Is a trip to Hawaii in 2012 in your plans?

You must enter you comment by January 14, 2012.

  1. Hopefully! We are trying to go to the Big Isle in May. Your blog is such a great resource. Love it!

  2. I am planning on going to Oahu in March of 2012. I used to live there and miss it very much. I do still call it home.

  3. I wish we could be vacationing in Hawaii this year but will probably be 2013. It’s our most favorite place to vacation!

  4. Unfortunately, not this year. We were there in 2010 for our 20th anniversary and plan to go in 2015 for our 25th anniversary. Hoping to even go sooner than that if possible. LOVE HAWAII!!!! My favorite place to vacation!!

  5. we’re working on going in september. after our first trip to maui in may of last year, we’re hooked about hawai’i! there’s so much to do and so much to see and more importantly, so much to enjoy in each island in the chain. people are so laid back and friendly (even the Hawai’ians, not just the locals). i’ve met and spoke with several Hawai’ians while we were in maui and they were so open and friendly. i’ve learned so much about their daily lives and culture. it’s amazing! we really can’t wait to go back!!!


  6. We are travelling to Oahu in February. (less than a month to go!!) We are sooooooo excited to finally be going and to get away from all this snow! This is our first trip of hopefully many to the Islands.

  7. I hope so. It’s been since early ’10, and I’m having major withdrawals. Just have to talk one of my friends into going with me.

  8. Not sure. We have been to Hawaii every year since 2008. Would like to go to the big island if we go, only one I haven’t been too.

  9. Hey there! I haven’t been since my “santa” experience, but I so hope to be able to go there before end of year. By the way Shiela, do you have a resourse for caretaking of homes there? Noticed some postings for employment at the end of one of your travel sites recently.Crasy thought-maybe; but never know until you ask 🙂 Thanks.

  10. Will be going to the Bis Island and Maui for almost 3 weeks in Oct.—–can’t wait.

  11. Absolutely, we want to head back to Oahu in September, when the water’s nice and warm and the snorkeling will be wonderful!

  12. No Hawaii in the plans for this year. Trips to Sedona, AZ and Lake Tahoe, though. Still wouldn’t mind having the Hawaii luggage tag on our flights to these places!!

  13. Yes!! We will be traveling to Oahu in March to enjoy paradise. This will be our first trip back since March, 2010, and our 4th trip overall since 2006. I can’t wait to go although my husband is hoping that I have the same experience that I had when on Kauai in 2010. I fell & broke my ankle in 3 places on that trip (my medical care on Kauai was wonderful though); it took me over a year to convince my husband to go back to the Islands after that even though I dropped weekly hints with every episode of Hawaii 5-0 that we watched :).

  14. I mean that my husband is hoping that I DO NOT have the same experience as 2010! I think that my injury was more traumatic for him than it was for me :)!

  15. Yes for sure. Going to Big Island in May and Maui in May! Can’t wait. We going on a cruise.

  16. I would give anything to come to Hawaii this year I would move there in a heart beat but I dont have the money this yearbut I am counting down the months when I am coming back to Hawaii to celebrate my 25 wedding anniversary by having our vows renewed there and plan on staying 3 weeks!! So as much as it hurts I keep telling myself 22 months just 22 months aloha and Malaho….

  17. Yes!! Already spend christmas/new year in Waikiki – this blog was invaluable when planning our holiday, what to do, where to eat etc. Loved it so much we will be returning in 2012, probably for a pre-christmas break to avoid the crowds this time…

  18. We are going to two Island this year. Big Island and maui! Snorkel baby! Whales baby! Dolphins baby!

  19. Reading your blog & planning on going December 2012! I’m learning so much – what to do & where to go! Keep it up & thanks!

  20. Absolutely – I’m thinking about moving there so I need to go house hunting and job seeking!

  21. Yes! So excited – our first time! A week in Oahu then cruising around with Norwegian for a taste of a few other islands… can’t wait!

  22. A trip to Hawaii is always in may plans, whether it is scheduled via flight, or in memories of the islands. I have visited Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai, and Big Isand. Each island has unique qualities, but I yearn most to return to Oahu to hike Diamond Head again, to Kauai’s Poipu Beach, and to the nightlife of Kona. Ahh, the Aloha of Hawaii!

  23. Just returned to the mainland last week but have already started planning the next visit to Paradise! Won’t make it in 2012 again, will be the beginning of 2013 for sure. LOVE the islands!!

  24. I wish! My friends are in Maui RIGHT now And I am endlessly jealous of their facebook shots!

  25. My husband & I honeymooned in Hawaii in 1972. We will return in 2012 to celebrate our 40th Anniversary!

  26. I’m headed to Paradise in less than 2 weeks! Nine days on Maui, then 7 days on the Big Island! This’ll be my fifth trip in as many years… sure helps beat the wintertime doldrums!

  27. No trip to Hawaii this year, but hopefully soon! Need to learn more about it first and get some “insider” information on the hot spots and best places to relax and eat.

  28. Gee all of these people coming to Hawaii. Do I have a chance. I livin on Oahu but would love to go to the Island of Hawaii to trace Princess Ruth’s footsteps when she went up to the volcano to stop the eruption from flowing towards the town. She slept at the side of the volcano as it flowed by her. The next morning when she awakened the flow had stopped.

    Now I think that would be something to see.

  29. i am in love with the aloha spirit of all the hawaiian islands ,love to win the beautiful prize see you in march from australia mahalo

  30. I will be in Hawaii in a month. Haven’t booked all the hotels yet…will look into yours. I can’t wait! Would love this prize…

  31. We are planning our trip for Feb. 2012 going for three weeks this time and it will be my first time taking my service dog along with us.
    Traveling to Hawaii with a DOG is a lot more tough than one would expect. MONTHS of planning required!!!

  32. I had a glorious 10 days on Ohau and the Big Island in 2010 and was invited to go with my best friend this January, but alas it wasn’t in the budget. Starting a Hawaii vacation account in 2012 so that doesn’t happen again!

  33. We’re trying to schedule some time for March and April.
    Also, maybe late December through New Years.

  34. We are taking a dream vacation this April for 12 days with our whole family (kids ages 15, 11 & 2) So looking forward to this!

  35. Booked in at the Hiton Hawaiian Viallage 3-10 July to see if 4th July fireworks are as good as Sydney’s NYE!!!

  36. Booked for March 9-19 in Maui! 3 nights at the Wailea Marriott with points and the rest spent up country in Haiku with family and friends.

  37. We are planning on spending Christmas 2012 and New Year’s 2013 in Oahu. That takes care of two years. My husband and I have been there three times and love it! This time we are taking our daughter and five year old grandson with us. Can you imagine spending Christmas day on the beach? This is one trip we are REALLY looking forward to. Aloha and Mahalo

  38. Aloha! Actually yes it is, as I will be arriving in Oahu Jan 23…soo looking forward to the sun, surf & sand! 😀

  39. I am just finishing up my first trip to Hawaii tonight and it was an amazing way to start off 2012!!! This site was so helpful in making this trip successful. Went to Waikiki and Maui and used so many suggestions off of this website for restaurants and activities!!! Definitely hope to get back again soon 🙂 Thank you for all of your help!!!

  40. I dream that I could, but probably not in the cards for us this year sa I am 4 months pregnant! This year is set for my hubby and I to start this new chapter in our lives…but we were there almost exactly 1 year ago, and I still dream about all the fun we had and amazing places we went. The memories will last a lifetime, but I surely hope to get more memories soon! Maybe in a couple years we can share this wonderful dreamland with our little one…or just take time away and enjoy it all ourselves!!

  41. Not in our budget this year but hopefully 2013 we will be back! We love Hawaii so much and were last there in September 2010 with a visit to Maui for a week. September 2009 was the Big Island. I am in withdrawal! Thanks so much for your blog. It is so helpful when planning our trip.

  42. Mahalo everyone for all your entries! I’m excited to hear that many of you have Hawaii in your 2012 plans.

    I numbered the entries and used random.org to provide a randomly generated number. Congratulations to Dawne for winning this prize pack!

    Thanks again and stay tuned for more Hawaii prize pack giveaways.

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