Aulani Prize Pack Giveaway!

Aulani Goodies Giveaway

While we were visiting Aulani for the Grand Opening events, we collected quite a few goodies for a giveaway. This goodie pack includes:

  • Plush, oversized beach towel embroidered with the Aulani logo
  • Attractive Aulani beach bag that’s nicely designed with pockets
  • Embroidered Aulani hat
  • A limited-edition Aulani pin with Mickey Mouse and the date of the Grand Opening, September 22, 2011
  • Fairytale wedding fan in the shape of mouse ears.
  • Hawaii luggage tag with Hawaiian Airlines logo

This Aulani giveaway prize pack will go to one  randomly selected reader. Here’s how you enter:

– Read our Aulani review and watch our Aulani video tour.

– Tell us what you like best about Aulani by commenting on this Aulani giveaway blog post.

– You must provide us a valid email address so that we can contact you if you win. Note that your email address will not be visible.

– Enter your comment by the end of the day, Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Aulani. Good luck!

  1. I love that there are so many learning opportunities about the Hawaiian culture for the whole family. I can’t wait to go there with my family!

  2. Disney is the most magical place I’ve been to. It truly feels like the happiest place on Earth. Hawaii is a magical place in and of itself, so combining the two creates an imaginatively wonderful place. I think Rainbow Reef impresses me the most!!

  3. I looks amazing and I love all the features of the resort and how the Hawaiian culture is featured throughout. The rooms look great and the pool is awesome!

  4. Aulani looks like paradise! Disney and Hawaii! Is there anything better? A dream destination for me!

  5. Boy would I love to win this! Then I will have some help with my daydreaming about the Aulani’s Laniwai Spa and the outside outdoor hydrotherapy garden!

    I can’t wait to visit – maybe next year! Fingers crossed for both!

    Chat soon!

    Ava Roxanne @MySkinConcierge

  6. Aulani looks like a great place to go!!! I can’t wait to visit! I agree with Estella…Disney and Hawaii what could be better

  7. I love the incorporation of the Hawaiian culture into the magical World of Disney! Disney in paradise is definitely a dream come true for any family, especially a growing family. I’m truly excited to visit with my family sometime soon. Relaxing at the spa while my family lounges at the pool sounds like a treat to me (:

  8. What I like best is that it combines 2 of my favorite places: Disney and Hawaii. Disney is famous for making everything above and beyond. They are all about the little details that you might not expect. The hotel looks beautiful and the location couldn’t be better.

  9. What a great place for each family member, no matter the age, can have fun and relax!! Perfect destination in my mind.

  10. I love that the Aloha spirit is alive at the Aulani Resort! They used local artists and although it has the Magic of Disney, the main focus is on whats important – Hawaiian culture. Add to that the two tiered infinity hot tub and you have true bliss!!!!

  11. I like that Disney incorporated the Hawaiian culture into Aulani. I also like that this is a resort and not a theme park. My daughter wants to go to the character breakfast as she remembers the time we went at Disneyland.

  12. My dear husband and I felt in love with the Mouse many years ago ! Since then we visited countless times World Disney World in Florida , Disneyland in California and Eurodisney in Paris … I had been sure for years that “ Disney is my HAPPY PLACE “ !!
    As it turned out …………… BOY , WAS I WRONG !!
    Our love – I’d say “devotion” – to HAWAII islands developed even bigger and stronger over the last years : now Hawaii is my own Paradise , the only place I always dream about !!
    Nevertheless … when we discovered Aulani … I was rather skeptical : Minnie with a muu muu ??? NAAAAAAAAAAAA !!
    I was wrong again ! I absolutely adore Aulani’s LOBBY : it is as “spiritual ” as some “places of refuge” I love and intimate as an Hawaiian sunset for two !!
    I don’t know if it has some Hidden Mickeys in it – but can’t wait to check it out myself !!
    Another thing I like so much is that Shave Ice hut , the North Shore being one of our favorite destinations all over Oahu … we so love Matsumoto!
    I guess we won’t spend precious time meeting the characters ( you can always do that when at WDW !! ) when offered to swim with rays or tropical fish in the Aulani tropical paradise !!!
    Have I said PA RA DI SE ??? Am I talking about MY Hawaii or Aulani ??
    Maybe … BOTH !!!!

  13. What I liked best about Aulani is the family attmosphere, the resort and just about everything I seen. Wow! I hope I am fortunate to experience it with my family some day.

  14. Aulani bubbles to the top for the title of best family vacation in Hawaii. My three children love the Disney characters, pools, lazy river, and beaches. My husband and I like the many opportunities Aulani offers for relaxation.

  15. So hard to say, the whole place just looks so gorgeous! I would just have to say the “disney-fication” of the Hawaiian atmosphere.

  16. I love that have used the people of Hawaii to help decorate and put that touch of aloha into it! It appears that they have really used the spirit of Hawaii and the magic of Disney together in a great combination!!

  17. a family vacation in hawaii will be amazing, my husband and i never had a honeymoon now we would love to go with our two daugters they would love it

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