Aloha Friday Photo: SPAM Breath Mints?

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s post about SPAM flavored mac nuts, we have yet another wacky, new SPAM product – SPAM mints. That’s right – SPAM mints!


Our Oahu pal, Dave, sent today’s photo. He spotted this display of SPAM mints on his way out of the store. He said that the cashier gave him a sample to try and he liked it.

Now, at first glance these mints sound, well, awful, but unlike their mac nut cousins, SPAM mints are not SPAM flavored. Whew! SPAM mints are cinnamon flavored.

Dave says, “The mints look like little slices of SPAM – pink with darker pink flakes in the shape of a slice of SPAM. They kind of look like PEZ candy.”

image (1)

With Hawaii’s strong affinity for SPAM, these SPAM mints might make a quirky Hawaii souvenir to bring home to your friends and co-workers. They’ll surely spark conversation.

Mahalo to Dave for sharing these SPAM mint photos from Oahu.

  1. You can never have too much SPAM in your life.

    I seriously regret not getting back in line and buying a tin. (I’ll pick up a tin next time…)

    Nope! – The entire display was sold out in a couple of hours. You snooze, you loose.

  2. Shucks! Great for Santa’s bag too! 🙂 This cracks me up! We have to have SPAM. It’s in the house all the time but, I have to admit, we don’t sleep in the WalMart parking lot when it’s going to go on sale. :p

    Um, mac nuts have their own source of fat, thank you very much! SPAM-flavored mac nuts? Sacrilege! I’m a food purist, I can’t help it. 🙂

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