Aloha Friday Photo: Big As A House Poinsettia Edition


Most of us on the mainland will purchase a poinsettia this time of year for the holidays. We typically care for the small plant indoors for a few months. Then, we’ll thank the plant for its display before sending it on the compost. That’s why it’s so surprising for us visitors when we see large poinsettias bushes growing outdoors in Hawaii.

Around this time of year in Hawaii, you’ll see outdoor poinsettia bushes  loaded with bright blooms. They appear to love Hawaii’s tropical environment.

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo was shared by Janet from New Mexico. Janet and her family were vacationing on the North Shore of Oahu this month. Janet spotted this tall poinsettia as they were out for a drive. She asked her husband pull over so they could get a better look. She then snapped this photo to show that this poinsettia was as tall as a house.  Wowzas!

Mahalo to Janet for sharing her photo with us this Aloha Friday before Christmas.

  1. I had to look twice – this looks like the poinsettia “bush” at my grandma’s house! But that’s on Maui, so it couldn’t be. Just goes to show that you’re right – it is common to have them growing outdoors here! =) Merry Christmas Sheila & Andy!

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