Aloha Friday Photo: Blazing Big Island Sky Edition


Today’s photo comes to us from Big Island photographer Ethan Tweedie. I met Ethan Tweedie on facebook via my friend Cynthia Hoskins. She had shared Ethan’s photo on her facebook wall and I was wowed! I asked Ethan if we could have his permission to post his photo, et voila!

Ethan took this sunrise photo at his house on August 14th. Catching beautiful sky views like this one is definitely worth the effort of getting up early. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mahalo, Ethan, for allow us to share your beautiful photo!

  1. WOW !!!
    This is stunning !!!
    I have WOW news !!
    Marco and I will be visiting beautiful Hawaii islands in August 2012 !!!!!!!!!!
    Just got our FREE airline tickets to LAX !!
    (From LAX all our dream trip is still to … plan !!)

  2. Thanks for sharing our beautiful islands Sheila!!! I was lying in bed and I could see the outside was just glowing!! I ran for my camera and took this shot(s). It is two images stitched together!!! One shot wouldn’t do it justice!!

    Whooo hooo!


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