Shades of Green from the Kalalau Trail

Gecko (?) from the Kalalau Trail

Kermit the Frog claims that it’s not easy being green, but I think this gecko (?) from Kauai’s Kalalau Trail would beg to differ.

For the bigger view from this famous Kauai trail, check out our Kalalau Trail video.

  1. Great pic… he’s a cute little guy! 🙂

    And great article and video about the Kalalau Trail… the hiking pole tip and brining the light lunch are noted… don’t want to have to write a “misadventure” blog ourselves afterwards. 🙂

    We’re guessing when you hit the end of Hwy 560 to start the journey there’s plenty of parking?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy & Shawn

    1. Plenty of parking? Hmm…sometimes yes, sometimes no. We’ve always been able to find a space even when we’ve had to wait or park a little bit further away.

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