Let’s Go Horseback Riding in Lanai

Jesse Taylor preps a horse at the Stables at Koele

We thoroughly enjoyed horseback riding with Lanai Western Adventures. The guided tour ($110 for 90 minutes) led us on the Paniolo Trail through groves of fragrant Christmas Berry (Brazilian Peppertree) , a forest of Ironwood Trees and to a fantastic view of the nearby islands of Molokai and Maui. Along the way, we enjoyed the sounds of the birds and some deer sightings.

We hadn’t been riding since 1999, so we were a little tentative about getting back on a horse. We had nothing to fear though as these horses were gentle and sturdy. There was a very young girl who was also on our tour. She probably didn’t weigh 50 lbs soaking wet and she was maybe 7 years old. So, I knew when I saw her pop on top of one of those beautiful horses, if she could do it, I could do it.

Leading us through the Paniolo Trail was the handsome singing cowboy, Jesse Taylor. He carefully watched us and gave us advice on how to hold the reins, lead the horses and shift our weight to make the ride go easier.

At the end of the ride Jesse treated us to a mini-private concert! He sang a new song that he’s just written called Ride. He wrote the song in Lanai. He shared that his inspiration for the song is that he’s always taking honeymooners on romantic trail rides and at the end of the day he wants to ask a girl to go trail riding with him.

Andy captured some video footage from our trail ride and has woven it together with the video of Jesse Taylor singing his new song. Please enjoy watching scenes from our trail ride along with music from the very talented singing cowboy, Jesse Taylor. (Email subscribers, please click here to access this Lanai horseback riding video.)

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