A Hui Hou Lana’i

We must leave Lana’i today, thought we really don’t want to go!

I look forward to sharing the new Lana’i travel insights I’ve gained on this trip. I may have one other Lana’i post this week. Then I’ll start our normal rotation, covering all the islands.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this 10-second video that Andy shot from his i-phone yesterday. It’s the view of the ocean and Hulopoe Beach that has mesmerized us for the last three days during our stay at Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay. I hope you’ll enjoy this short slice of paradise.



  1. Amazing how fast the time has gone! I am looking forward to more of your insights. Seems you and Andy are well on your way to a “key to the island” or something!

    1. Hi Roxanne — absolutely, time flew!

      After I can get my head on straight following the travel, I look forward to providing more in-depth posts.

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