March Madness Monday Music Giveaway – Shimabukuro Duo Edition

Today’s music giveaway is a Shimabukuro twofer – Jake Shimabukuro’s new CD Peace Love Ukulele and his brother Bruce’s LIVE.

image Bruce Shimabukuro CD

Please notice that Bruce’s CD is signed. We were excited to have the opportunity to meet Bruce at the Sheraton Waikiki ukulele shop, Ukulele PUAPUA, in October. He was gracious enough to sign a copy of his CD to giveaway on

oahu 51
Andy Beal and Bruce Shimabukuro pose for a photo after a private ukulele lesson at Ukulele PUAPUA in Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

So, for a chance at winning these two excellent Shimabukuro CDs, please comment and tell me why you think people fall in love with Hawaiian music? Enter your comment either here on this blog post or on our facebook post by the end of the day, Wednesday March 30, 2011.

  1. I think that people fall in love with Hawaiian music because they are able to let go of all their worries and just sway/sing/dance along. I remember when I heard IZ’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow” play on a Rice Crispy commercial and everyone was in awe of how beautiful it sounded. It was a remake of a classic, but it became a huge hit, because of soothing sounds of the ukulele in the background and the warm voice of a talented man.

  2. I think people fall in love with Hawaiian music because it is so refreshingly unique and it is well suited for relaxation and romance!

    1. Dan – you’ve been randomly selected as our winner! I’ve emailed you to get your address, so please check your inbox.

  3. Hawaiian music touches the soul and not just the ears!
    It is the beauty of nature put into notes!

    1. The mind and the heart are intertwined so when people hear Hawaiian music they have an overwhelming emotional sensation involving their whole being.

  4. Hawaiian music is an extension of the Aloha spirit. It is welcoming and invokes that smooth, relaxed feeling that you get on the islands.

  5. I believe that when someone hears Hawaiian music, they can visualize memories of a place that they remember with a deep fondness. Their toes are in the sand, the sun is shining on the ocean, and the abundance of aloha is everywhere. Personally, I find it emotionally moving as my heart remains on Alii Drive in Kona. When I hear the music I can see myself walking down the street, or sitting at Bongo Bens watching the world go by. Mahalo to Jake and all the musicians that take me home.

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