Fantastic Fire Knife Dancing Video from Oahu

I’ve recently subscribed to Devin Graham’s video channel on YouTube. This morning, in my subscription reader, I was excited to find  this fire knife dancing video. (Email subscribers: please click this link to find this video on the blog.)

We’ve shot some brief video of fireknife dancing from luaus across Hawaii, but they can’t compare to this video. hawaii-012010 51 (1)Our shots are from our seats at a luau, but Devin captured his video on beaches on Oahu from the looks of it.  (I noticed Laie Point as one of the backgrounds.)

One thing I especially love about this video is that you can see the concentration in the faces of the dancers. It’s challenging to even imagine the bravery combined with skill that it takes to be a fireknife dancer, but you get a glimpse of it in the eyes of these outstanding dancers.

From the video description, Devin mentions that these professional fireknife dancers work at the Polynesian Cultural Center. I’d imagine that they all perform in the popular evening show HA Breath of Life. (See my review of HA: Breath of Life.)

Anyway, I thought this video was too good to just keep to myself. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have. I think I’ve already watched this video about  ten times. 🙂

  1. Awesome video!

    I have to admit that ever since I saw my first fire knife dancer, I can’t light a match without giving it a little twirl over my head. 😉

  2. You aren’t kidding–that’s a spectacular video!

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