New savory shave ice flavors

Update: In case you weren’t sure, we wanted you to know this post was an April Fools Day joke. Poi and wasabi shave ice, anyone? 😉

We’ve noticed new trend of savory flavored shave ice at a few of Hawaii’s fine-dining restaurants. Traditionally shave ice has been served with sweet, fruity flavors, but Hawaii’s top chefs are expanding shave ice into new territory.

These new savory flavors are incorporated into inventive appetizers at Hawaii’s top restaurants. Though the original inspiration for savory shave ice was appetizer-based, menus are also designed to encourage guests to order them for dessert as well.

Chef Alan Wang in Honolulu serves a Maui onion and poi flavored shave ice topped with micro greens as an appetizer for $15. Wang says,”Shave ice has grown up. It’s not just for dessert anymore. This unique take on traditional shave ice provides a refreshing, chilled beginning to dinner. If a guest has spent the day in the sun at the beach, they enjoy the chance to cool off before a grilled fresh catch or other warm entree.”

Poke (raw cubed ahi tuna, onion, seaweed and sesame seeds) topped with wasabi, ahi and sesame shave ice flavors.

Chef Ray Yumagachi of Ray’s restaurant fame said, “We thought about serving our poke on ice, but then we decided to make the ice flavored to complement and enhance our poke.” Chef Yumagachi serves Poke topped with a rainbow of three shave ice flavors —  ahi (raw tuna), wasabi and sesame.

Peter Marryman’s in Waimea on Hawaii, the Big Island only offers his take on savory shave ice for weekend brunches. His shave ice creation takes a breakfast-like spin with his SPAM and Portuguese sausage shave ice appetizer for $13.

This new trend gives chefs yet another way to incorporate the farm-to-table concept in Hawaii regional cuisine.

So, if you’re headed to Hawaii this April, you’d be foolish not to try savory shave ice. Which flavors would you like to try?

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  1. I know it’s April Fools Day but I hope this post is for real ! I have always asked for light syrup, or none, when I order my shave ice. Always on the look-out for homemade syrup vendors using fresh fruit etc.

    1. Marsha – your original hunch was correct — this post is just an April Fool’s Day joke. 🙂

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