Aloha Friday Photo: Honolulu Sunset Edition


Today’s Aloha Friday Photo was submitted by Erica from Honolulu. She provided this context about her photo,

“I took it from my lanai. The sky reminded me of a watercolor painting. So grateful for our view!”

It’s a lovely view, indeed, Erica. Thanks for sharing your sunset with us.

Happy Aloha Black Friday to you! Will you be shopping today or avoiding shops today?

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  1. AWWW what a beautiful photo !!
    How lucky Erica is LIVING IN HAWAII !!!
    That sky is wonderful !!!
    Here we are having a BIG SNOW !!! and it’s freezing cold …( I hate cold weather).
    THANKYOU Erica and Sheila for that MAGIC you bring us every day !!!

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