Hawaii’s Big Waves Are Back

Surfing the Banzai Pipeline

On the US Mainland, we know winter’s coming by the frigid air. In Hawaii, their sign of winter is the arrival of the big waves on the north-facing shores. In fact, a high surf advisory is currently in effect for Hawaii’s north and west shores. The advisory warns that the surf could get up to 22 feet.

Oahu’s waves are right on time for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. You can watch this prestigious surfing competition live today beginning at 7:45am Hawaii time via this link.

Andy and I were able to catch some of the thrilling waves and a surf competition at Oahu’s famous Banzai Pipeline. We watched in wonder as wave upon wave rolled in with enormous height and power.

If you’re planning a visit to Oahu in winter, be sure to check out the big waves of the North Shore beaches if they’re on. (To find out if they’re on, check the local surf report from newspapers, TV news, or beach safety website.)  Waimea Beach and Ehukai Beach (home of Banzai Pipeline) are two top spots for wave watching. Bring a picnic, a towel and some sunscreen. Then find a nice stretch of sand to watch the ocean show off its stuff.

Here’s a video from Hawaii’s KITV showing off some of last year’s big waves. I enjoyed seeing and hearing the visitors’ reactions.  (Email subscribers, click here for the video.)

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