Giveaway Alert: Celebrating 5,000 Comments

We’ve recently reached a milestone that makes me very happy.  We’ve logged over 5,000 comments on Go Visit Hawaii! Woohoo!

I love your comments. Your additional insights and questions add so much more value to the site.

With just over 1,300 posts, we’re averaging almost four comments per post. Of course some posts seem to draw more comments than others. The post with the most comments is Tips for Driving the Road to Hana which currently has 99 comments.

As a token of thanks for your participation with comments, I’m offering a little Hawaii-themed giveaway. Since we’re celebrating a comment milestone, let’s let the entry be comment based. So, leave a comment on this post to enter your name in the drawing. Please post your comment on this blog post by Friday October 22, 2010 to be eligible. I’ll randomly select a winner over the weekend.

What’s in the prize pack? Some cool stuff I picked up in Hawaii, like:

  • A bag of Hershey Kisses with Macadamia Nuts made by Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you’ve never tried them, oh my goodness, they’re onolicious! I don’t believe they’re available for purchase at retail stores outside of Hawaii. On top of that, I’m dying to bust open the bag and eat them myself. So, yeah, they’re pretty special. 🙂
  • A Hawaiian (Aloha) shirt-styled beverage koozie. It’s made by a company called Dressed To Chill. Doesn’t every bottle and can need a stylish Hawaiian shirt? Shouldn’t there be a campaign to fight nekkid beverages?  😉
  • And, finally, a luggage tag with a vintage Hawaiian art scene of Waikiki Beach.
  • Plus……UPDATE: Thanks to the generous offer from Nathan Kam, the giveaway has gotten much sweeter! Nathan will supply a basket of his favorite local (Hawaii) snacks from one of his favorite snack shops, Wholesale Unlimited. Mahalo, Nathan!

Hawaii-themed prize pack

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hear your comment!

  1. Congrats on the 5K milestone, that’s really huge.

    Having the top notch content that you have everyday makes this such a great blog. Add in the community you have created and the wonderful readers that so often share their input and leave comments, and you have yourself something very wonderful. GVH No Ka Oi. 🙂

    – Kris

  2. congrats! you run a really great blog. your facebook updates remind me how soon my move to maui is and it’s great to hear from other travelers and locals. good luck to all of us! my dad always used a beer coozy in hawaii but it wasn’t as stylish as that one. haha.

  3. Yum!!!Those Hershey’s kisses sound so delicious. Can’t wait to get there and buy my own! 57 days and counting!

  4. Taking the Familly to Kauai in Nov. for a wedding. We love reading your post. Lots of helpful tips! Thank you.

  5. My goal is to make my second visit to your island in the next 5 years, cross your fingers for me…….

  6. I’ve enjoyed the great pictures, music playlists, etc. getting me ready for my upcoming trip to Oahu and the Big Island!

  7. Your blog was so helpful to me in planning my trip to Hawaii 2 yrs ago and now I live vicariously through reading it. I want to go back again…. thanks for your blog, it is very enjoyable.

  8. The blog has made my trip next April all that more special. Great advice and information. Aloha

  9. I am so thankful for this site and all the helpful posts. It really helped make our trip to Hawaii that much more enjoyable and unforgettable!!!! I miss Hawaii and can’t wait to return again some day real soon 🙂
    Congrats on reaching this milestone!!!!!

  10. Love the post I was just there and am planning my next trip back, my family thinks I am crazy, but a least I can share with you.

  11. I’ve gotten so much good info from this site, going to Oahu in March 2011 with my best friend! Can’t wait for Girls Week in Hawaii!

  12. Road to Hana-Leave early lots of water falls and scenic sites on the way. Get place in town to get sandwiches and a good picnic area on the water. Now with a full tummy drive the rest of the way around Maui. When the sign says FREE RANGE “DO” watch out for cattle. Stop at the winery as you return to home.

  13. Many congratulations on your amazing number of comments…
    I wish you many more!
    Fabulous prize package.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  14. Aloha I am very excited to be here we are planing on moving there very soon . Mahalo

  15. Aloha Sheila! Congratulations on reaching the 5,000 comment milestone. From the day I first found your site I’ve been a fan. And not only because I do PR for Hawaii’s visitor industry, but because of your passion for the Hawaiian Islands, insights on off-the-beaten-path experiences found here, and community you’ve been able to build of loyal Hawaii fans over the years.

    If I may, I’d personally like to sweeten your giveaway deal by offering a basket of my favorite local snacks from one of my favorite snack shops…Wholesale Unlimited ( I’d be glad to mail this to whoever wins your drawing.

    Hope to see you and Andy here in my home state soon. A hui hou!


    1. Aloha Nathan,

      Wow! Thank you for all the very kind words and the offer to enhance the giveaway! I’m blown away by your generous offer!

      Mahalo nui loa,

    2. Wow, that is really nice! Love your blog too Nathan! I remember ( a year ago?) the huge papaya from you parents tree or something!

  16. Can not wait to see the next post. Helps with the withdrawals 🙂 This site helps to get me my next “fix ” until we can get back there.

  17. Sheila, I have a comment for you. Actually it’s a question: why can’t I see the pictures included in your posts on my iPod Touch but my husband can see them on his iPhone??? I just noticed the pictures can be seen if I click on the ” Go Visit Hawaii” link at the end of your post. All I get on the original posts are big blank squares within the post.

    1. Hi Joanne – I’m not sure why this is happening. It’s not anything we’re doing on our end, but we’re looking into potential causes. In the meantime, can you tell me what email service you’re using? Also, have you checked to see if there’s any sort of link that says something along the lines of ‘display images from this site’? Sometimes email services will make you opt-in (so to speak) to see images from various subscription services.

  18. By the way, Sheila, your blogs are so welcome in my inbox. It’s like a mini vacation every day. Until the REAL ONE comes along, hopefully in the next couple years. Until then I’m printing up my favorite posts and filing them away so I can pull them out when I start to plan my next trip. Congrats on your milestone and the continued success of your blog. Aloha.

  19. Just returned from the land of Aloha for our anniversary. We find ourselves longing for those beautiful days.

  20. Thank you all so very much for your extremely kind comments. It was a blessing to read your comments. It means so much to me that you have gotten value from Go Visit Hawaii.

    I just numbered the eligible comments and used to randomly choose the winner. Congratulations to Rhonda!

    Rhonda – I’ll be in touch to get your mailing address. And, just so you know, I’ve not opened the bag of mac nut kisses. They’re still all there. 🙂

  21. Amazing blog. I am so thankful for the inspiring photos and comments. We are always ready for a new adventure.

    Makes me homesick for the Big Island.
    Where can I find some photos of the sea horses for my personal use?
    Much Aloha,

  22. Thanks for all the useful information- really helping me get an idea of what to expect when I am on the Islands!

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