Pancakes in Paradise – Breakfast at Waikiki’s Eggs n Things

Waikiki's Eggs n'Things

We finally got to try Eggs ‘n Things in Waikiki yesterday. After hearing many of our local friends rave over their pancakes, we were anxious to try them. After yesterday’s breakfast, we give them two thumbs up.

Banana Nut Pancakes with whipped cream

Andy had the banana and nut pancakes while I had the macadamia nut pancakes.  We really liked that the bananas and nuts were mixed into the batter, which we’ve found is uncommon but much better than just topping a standard pancake. Maple, coconut, and the not –so-common guava syrups were provided. We converted one of our orders into a meal special so that we could share eggs and turkey bacon. Eggs ‘n Things offers more than pancakes. You can see the whole menu on their website.

Outdoor and open-air seating was available. We had a nice outdoor table.

We arrived at 6am, just when the restaurant opened. We were seated straight away. By about 6:30am, the restaurant was packed and a constant line of hungry pancakeavours formed.

With most breakfast items being under $10, Eggs ‘n Things is a Waikiki breakfast bargain.

Eggs n’ Things is located at 343 Saratoga Road. They serve breakfast from 6am – 2pm daily.

Update: Since originally publishing this article, Eggs n’ Things has added another Waikiki location at the Aston Circle Hotel at 2464 Kalakaua Avenue.

  1. i don’t know…’ not hawaiian without portuguese sausage….even if you don’t eat it, it needs to be there!

  2. I was talking about the popularity of the place with some folks at work the other day. A Japanese woman in our office said the place is super popular with Japanese tourists because the American style of breakfast is unusual to them. They want to experience a real, authentic American style breakfast. So that’s why they all line up there in the morning.

    I’m sure it’s true. Last time I was in Tokyo I spotted a Denny’s and got all happy thinking I would soon be eating American breakfast food with bacon & eggs and pancakes, etc… Nope! Nothing like that at all on the menu. :^(

    1. I’d say hop over to Maui and wait for the whales. You know, to officially judge your “guess the first whale sighting” contest. That way, you don’t have to come back until they get there. 🙂

  3. I would not go to HI an not eat at eggs n things I have travled all ove the united states and this is by far the best breakfast anyplace 5 stars from Calif . I send people all the time. GO EAt youll love it ….

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