Fields of Taro

Taro Fields of Hanalei Valley

This luminous green field of taro is quite a beautiful sight that you’ll find at the Hanalei Overlook on the North Shore of Kauai. Please don’t miss this view on your Kauai vacation.

Taro is a very important plant in Polynesian and Hawaiian history and culture. The root of the plant produces a starchy, purple vegetable that’s similar to a potato. In Hawaii, you’ll find tasty taro chips and bread. Of course, you’ll also find taro in Hawaii’s famous sauce, poi.

Please enjoy this green slide show of the Hanalei taro fields.

  1. I am heading to Maui this Saturday … Hope to see something like this too!

    I love Green mountain, white cloud, blue ocean and bright yellow sun! I think you find all 7 rainbow color at the same time in Hawaii!

    So looking forward to it …

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