Na Pali Snorkel Sail with Capt Andy’s

Capt Andy’s tagline is “Nobody has more fun!” Well, count me in as a believer. We had a blast on their Na Pali Snorkel Adventure.

What made the trip so much fun? Our captain, Captain Trent, kept us entertained and laughing most of the way. Have you ever been to a comedy show and laughed so many times you lost count, but when the show was over, you couldn’t remember a single joke? That’s what it was like being on a Capt. Andy’s adventure with Captain Trent at the helm.

Capt Trent
Capt. Trent at the helm.

On previous visits to Kauai, we took an afternoon Na Pali Coast sail, so we wanted to compare that experience to the morning sail plus get an idea of the quality of snorkeling off the coast. Well, we got to experience one of those objectives. I’ll explain more in a minute.

Our excursion started bright and early with a 7:15am check in at the Port Allen Marina Center in Ele’ele. (See Google Map of this area.) Luckily, the check in office/shop offered free coffee to help wake us up. From the shop, we were lead to the catamaran by our captain. Once we were on board, we given a safety briefing and then we were off on our adventure.

After we moved beyond Port Allen Harbor, a continental breakfast was served. As we headed towards the Na Pali Coast, we enjoyed seeing dolphins. Though it was the official end of humpback whale watching season, we still saw some whales.

Na Pali Coast
Just one of the many intriguing cliff views of the Na Pali Coast.

As we approached the cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, the ooo’s and aah’s began. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve seen that coast, the scenery still catches us by surprise. Captain Trent knew the coast very well and was able to angle the catamaran in close to the cliffs for excellent views of waterfalls, sea caves, and lava arches. We had never been that close to the cliffs from the water and it was fantastic!

With our sailing adventure being at the beginning of May, we still experienced what locals would call “Winter” surf. That meant that the surf was rocky at times, and well, the crew wasn’t able to find a safe snorkeling spot. So, darn it, we’ll just have to go back on another tour to experience some Na Pali Coast snorkeling – with twisted arms, of course. 😉

As we searched for smooth water, we were able to sail away from the coast which allowed us a broader, “bigger picture” view of the coast. Once we found a smooth patch of water, a make-your-own-deli-sandwich lunch was served. The sails were raised and we enjoyed the peaceful ride and view of the coast.

kauai2010 99
Na Pali Coast

In total, the sailing adventure lasted 5.5 hours. Despite the the fact that we couldn’t snorkel, we still enjoyed our time.

Here’s what to know when you go:

  • The cost of the tour is $139 for adults and $99 for children. Book online 7 days (or more) before you go and receive a $10 web discount and a a free t-shirt. This discount is currently shown on this page.
  • Wear a swimsuit and cover up.
  • Bring sunscreen, towel, hat or visor, and sunglasses.
  • Take proper precautions if you are prone to motion sickness. Only one kid on our trip got motion sickness at the end of our rocky ride and I think it was because he napped the entire time.
  • Be flexible in your expectations. As we experienced, sometimes the surf doesn’t allow you  to snorkel. We also experienced a mixture of clouds, rain, and sun.

Have you been on one of Capt. Andy’s sailing or rafting adventures? How was your experience?

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  1. I’m looking at either the snorkeling dinner tour or the sunset dinner tour with Capt. Andy. Going to be there Oct 15 and 16. Will the water be too rough and cold(don’t know the water temp yet) for the snorkeling ?? Just your opinion please

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