Fields of Hawaii: The Lava Fields

Lava rolling to the sea

It would be difficult to visit the Big Island of Hawaii without seeing massive fields of lava –- a surreal and impressive sight. Two areas where you’ll surely find fields of lava around the Kohala Coast and in and around Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The above photo shows lava flowing into the ocean near Kalapana on the east side of the Big Island. When I watched this fresh lava flow, I repeated one word over and over. That was the word wow.

    1. Gray – it is gorgeous and truly amazing. Andy has a pretty good Nikon, so he was able to get a decent zoom on that photo. So, we weren’t in too much danger. There are some folks who want to get close enough to touch it with a stick — now that’s too close for me.

      Hope you are enjoying TBEX!

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