Hawaii’s Big Island Virtual Tour by Video – An Excellent Vacation Planning Resource

Waterfalls along the Kohala CliffsAfter virtual tours of Maui and Kauai, we move on to the virtual tour of the southern most Hawaiian island, the Big Island. We have Blue Hawaiian Helicopters to thank for putting together these fantastic aerial videos and photos. So whether you are dreaming of a vacation to Hawaii or you’re planning your vacation or you’ve been there and are long to go back, you will love these videos.

The video tours also take you along the remote areas of the northern coast of Hawaii to see the Kohala cliffs and into the Waipio Valley. The vantage point of the scenery there from a helicopter is awesome. (Note: the photo above is from my own collection of photos of the Kohala cliffs that I took on a helicopter tour.)

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, these collection of videos and photos are a valuable planning tool for those planning a vacation to Hawaii. Use the interactive map to move across the island and see what the terrain looks like and get familiar with the geography of the island. Here are some other tips for using this video to help you plan your Hawaii vacation:

  • The Big Island is big, indeed. So use the videos to help you understand where specific sites are and decide whether you want to plan them into your itinerary.
  • The videos will help you understand what a helicopter tour is like, though actually being in the helicopter is much more thrilling than watching a video. Helicopter tours can be quite pricey, so from watching these videos, you can get an idea of if planning a helicopter tour is worth budgeting into your vacation. (Don’t miss these helicopter tour planning tips.)
  • Use the videos and photos to help you select your hotel or condo along the Kona side primarily. Unfortunately, there aren’t any videos or photos of the hotels in Waimea or Volcano.
    • Determine the area of the island where you’d like to stay.
    • See the hotels on the video and aerial photos to get an idea of the building layouts and the number and sizes of the pools.
    • See the surroundings of a hotel and consider whether it is remote or shoehorned in next to another complex.

So, what do you think of the videos? Please share your thoughts.

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