Aloha Friday Photo: Waikiki Sunset Panorama


Today’s Aloha Friday photo comes to us from a good friend and Oahu resident, Dave. He took this Waikiki panorama photo with with his iphone. He needs to hang on to that iphone because it takes very good quality photos. You may recall, Dave provided this Aloha Friday Photo that was also the product of his iphone. I need Dave’s i-phone to teach my iphone some photography lessons. 😉 Of course, Dave has a great eye for photo composition, which leads to excellent shots like this one. Mahalo, Dave and happy Aloha Friday, everyone!

  1. Aloha Sheila and Dave! You always had a great eye, Dave! Sheila, I’m much closer to your neck of the woods now, living on the Florida Panhandle. There are gorgeous sunsets here, too! 🙂 Sharon

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