Talk Story In Hawaii For Real Treat

People in Hawaii love to chat — so much so that they have a special term for it called talk story. If you have the chance to talk story when you are in Hawaii, seize it! Take the time to enjoy the conversation and learn about local life. You’ll likely come away feeling that your vacation just got a bit more enriched and authentic.

Talking story may not come naturally to mainlanders. For the most part, we’re not accustomed in engaging in a casual conversation with strangers. So, I’d encourage you to look for opportunities to talk story in Hawaii.

On many occasions, we’ve had the opportunity to talk story with locals in Hawaii. As I recall, we always end up with a big smile on our faces and a feeling that we’ve really engaged in something meaningful. Sometimes when we talk story locals  tell us about special places to see and give  a personal history that goes along with it and brings the place to life. Other times, we may get recommendations of a local restaurant that we’d never know about otherwise.

Have you ever experienced talking story in Hawaii? Please share your experience.

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