Aloha Friday Photo: Lahaina Sunset


Aren’t the colors of this Maui sunset amazing? It seems that I typically see a combination of purples, pinks and reds or a mix of oranges, yellows and reds in Hawaii sunsets, but not both combinations at the same time. This sunset has just about every color of the rainbow.

This Aloha Friday photo comes to us from Teresa Caseltine by way of the Visit Maui and  GoVisitHawaii facebook communities. Her daughter, Natasha Caseltine of Cincinnati, Ohio took this photo in Lahaina on her college graduation  trip. Mahalo  to Teresa and Natasha for sharing this gorgeous sunset photo with us. Happy Aloha Friday!

  1. You have pretty much every warm color in there, from reds to yellow to orange all the way down to purples and blues. Amazing, do you know what camera it was taken with?

  2. that is a gorgeous photo!

  3. Glad you all liked this photo, too.

    We’ve never seen a sunset that colorful in Hawaii.

    Jim – sorry, I don’t know what kind of camera was used.

  4. Jim- I don’t know the model of the camera off the top of my head but it is a kodak 10 mp camera with multiple functions. I can no longer find it on the website! Hope this helps! You should see some of the animal photos I have as well.


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