Most Unique Places to Stay in Hawaii

The islands of Aloha are filled with the amazing scenery of volcanoes, rainforests and beaches that you’ll want to permanently etch in your memory bank. With those sort of sights combined with the remote location of Hawaii and the Polynesian culture, I think we can all agree that Hawaii is a very special and unique place to visit.

Within the extraordinary destination of Hawaii, there are some accommodations that are quite unique. Let’s look at these six Hawaii accommodations that are most unusual. We’ll start in Kauai and work our way south from there.

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Waimea Plantation Cottages (Kauai) – these cottages were built in the early 1900’s for employees of the sugar cane plantation. Today, they serve as peaceful and private vacation retreats. Use this Waimea Plantation Cottages link to learn more.

Turtle Bay Resort (Oahu) – this big hotel resort will be the only one on our list. What makes this resort unique is its location on a peninsula. There will never be another hotel in Hawaii that has that sort of ocean front, peninsula positioning flanked by two great beaches to boot. Practically every room has a great ocean view. See more about Turtle Bay Resort.

Hotel Lanai
Hotel Lanai

Hotel Lanai (Lanai) – this historic hotel has been dubbed “Hawaii’s best little inn”. It’s as cute as button and located in the pleasant town of Lanai City. This 11-room hotel was built in 1923 to accommodate pineapple plantation executives. See more about Hotel Lanai.

Haleakala Wilderness Cabins (Maui) – you won’t find ocean front pools or tiki huts with fruity umbrella drinks here. You even have to hike miles just to get to these remote cabins on the slopes of Mount Haleakala in Haleakala National Park. So, if you insist on valet service, mark these cabins off your list. How’s that for unusual? See this link Haleakala Wilderness Cabins to learn more about them. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other accommodations in Maui for $60 per night.

Volcano House (Big Island) – this historic hotel literally sits on the edge of a volcanic caldera inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Where else would you find such a setting? After renovations  the Volcano House reopened in 2013. While this hotel is very unique, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are many unique B&B’s just outside the park in the village of Volcano.

Hobbit House (Big Island) – this remote little B&B is famous for it’s whimsical architecture with a rounded roof and bubble-shaped windows. See this link to the Hobbit House official website. Also, check out this YouTube video featuring this house and its designers.

  1. Great list, Sheila! It’s definitely a way to do things differently than the typical resort experience (although Turtle Bay sounds terrific).

    1. Thanks, Gray! Your suspicion about Turtle Bay being terrific is correct. One other little thing about this resort that I like is that they leave yummy homemade macaroons for you at turndown service.

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